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It's Time to Modernize Your Company's Financial Management Solution

In disruptive times, it is more important than ever to have a strong financial management solution in place. The COVID-19 pandemic solidified what financial decision-makers have known for a long time: Clunky, outdated financial software can drag down a business. Businesses need fast, accurate, and comprehensive information and reporting. March of 2020 when the pandemic struck, most SMBs found themselves unable to cope with uncertainty, ill-equipped for the financial impact, and poorly positioned to recover. 

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4 Nonprofit Management Challenges Solved for Charities & Foundations

Wealthy donors who fund most philanthropic foundations have high expectations around financial accountability, transparency, and efficiency. Cloud accounting software for nonprofit management enables grantmaking foundations and philanthropic charities to focus their time and energy on their mission. Nearly 76 billion dollars were given by charitable foundations in 2019. Seventeen percent of those charitable dollars are given to nonprofit organizations from foundations, and mostly through grantmaking, which is a lot to try to manage manually.

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