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Business Succession Planning in a Post-COVID World

We were living in early COVID days when we wrote our eBook, Faith-Based Nonprofit Succession Planning for the Back-Office. We had no idea what was going to happen, or how long it was going to last. We were just starting to talk about how COVID was impacting leaders and succession planning when we spoke to Todd Clark, Senior Associate in Senior Leadership at Slingshot Group, a leading nonprofit staffing and coaching agency. He told us, “In a post-COVID world I see significant changes in succession planning. I think that there will be unexpected resignations resulting in swiftly planned successions. The stress of the pandemic has been unprecedented. I predict that we’ll start to see leaders resigning in their 40s and early 50s to lead outside the church. Leading through 2020 has had the stress of 10 normal years. They aren’t going to have gas in the tank.”

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Transitioning to Recurring Revenue Business Models

In our last COVID related article, we encouraged businesses to re-examine their business model as they emerge from the pandemic - it may not be as sound or sustainable as it was before. But it might not be as lucrative as it could be either.

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What You're Missing Without a SaaS Metrics Dashboard

If your revenue is recurring like subscription revenue, SaaS metrics are the lifeblood of your business. These metrics are the building blocks of your profitability and growth. GAAP Financials aren't telling you the whole story so that begs the question, what else are you missing out on without a SaaS metrics dashboard to visualize your financial and operational data into actionable insights?

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Re-Examine Your Business Model for a Better 2021

Coming out of the pandemic, companies will need to bolster their business continuity, double down on risk management, embrace digital transformation, and learn what-if scenario modeling (all topics we’ve explored in-depth recently). None of those efforts matter, however, if there are cracks which require a better business model.

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How to Develop the Capability To Do What-if Scenario Modeling

The COVID-19 pandemic offers a powerful reminder to expect the unexpected. At the start of 2020, no one predicted the events that would eventually impact every single business in America. And yet some businesses have weathered the pandemic better than others, and not just those that sold toilet paper and disinfectant spray. The elites of their industry didn't see the pandemic coming, per se, but they were better prepared when it arrived. Why?

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COVID-19: A Guide to Getting Back to the Workplace

We’re still feeling the effects of COVID-19. It spans all aspects of our lives from how we shop to how we work. We are living in a changed world and thus, we have all been changed by it. There has never been a more pressing time for HR leaders to help employees adapt and cope.  

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COVID Has Made Digital Transformation Technologies Essential

“The notion of a tipping point for technology adoption or digital disruption isn’t new, but the survey data suggest that the COVID-19 crisis is a tipping point of historic proportions—and that more changes will be required as the economic and human situation evolves.”

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Solve These 5 Challenges with Alternatives to QuickBooks Online

For up-and-coming businesses, QuickBooks is usually the entry-level choice for financial software in the organization’s early days – and for many reasons. QuickBooks offers the basic functionality that almost any business needs to get off the ground.

However, successfully growing businesses quickly realize that what was good enough when they started out is now overshadowed by limitations and compromises. Here are the five challenges that cause CFOs to look for alternatives to QuickBooks Online.

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Nonprofit Accounting Services Help You Avoid Back-Office Obstacles

In the mission-driven nonprofit world, accounting and financial management can sometimes slip down the priority list. It’s not always easy to allocate budget dollars to back-office infrastructure that doesn’t directly support the nonprofit agenda, and it’s even harder to find the time and expertise to make it all work. Consider some of the obstacles:

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Business Continuity Planning Services: Your Blocking and Tackling for Pandemic Recovery

Imagine the post-COVID recovery as a miraculous touchdown pass to win a football game. All the attention goes to the quarterback and the receiver. But away from the ball, there’s a series of blocks that enable the play to succeed. They’re not the flashy party, but they’re essential nonetheless.

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