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For Software to Succeed, Focus on the Post-Deployment Period

Rolling out a next-generation, enterprise-class software solution is a major undertaking. As a result, the day the software goes live often feels like crossing the finish line. In reality, it’s more like the halfway point of the race.

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Sage Accounting Software Expert Advice for ERP Implementation Success

Most Sage accounting software and other ERP experts agree that the implementation is what ultimately determines the success or failure when upgrading to a modern ERP solution. Your new ERP selection could be advanced in every way, but if your implementation is slow, expensive, or difficult, then the ROI will always fall short.

The key is to stop thinking of the implementation as the first step. It's actually several steps into the process and requires a fair amount of preparation and planning in order to avoid common setbacks. If you're eager to introduce all the advantages of ERP, use these best practices to ensure a successful implementation:

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AcctTwo Guide for the Software Accountant Preparing for a New ERP

What Questions Should You and Your Team Be Able to Answer?

So you’ve outgrown your current software accountant solution or ERP system. It’s either an entry level product like QuickBooks or Xero and your business has grown in size and complexity and needs a more sophisticated solution, or you’re embracing the cloud and Software-as-a-Service, and have learned what thousands of other companies have discovered: that with new available technologies, even small to midsize companies can take advantage of ERP sophistication once reserved for much larger enterprises.

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Why Have a Reporting Strategy with New Business Accounting Software

Business Accounting Software Implementation Advice from AcctTwo's Chief Technology Officer

Part of our customer success methodology is to conduct a project close interview with project stakeholders at the end of every Intacct ERP implementation. Along with capturing a quantitative customer satisfaction score that contributes to our overall Net Promoter Score, we also ask qualitative questions about how the implementation went and whether we provided the necessary leadership, communication, and training to make the project a success. One response I too commonly receive is: "The implementation went really well but there are some reports and dashboards we still want to have built."

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