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Intacct Dashboards, Reports and Approvals on an iPad

For those of you interested seeing Intacct dashboards, reports and approvals on an iPad in action, Intacct's Dan Druker does a great job showcasing the functionality in this YouTube video.

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What Is Cloudwashing, and Why Do You Need to Be Wary of It?

The term "cloud computing" has become a buzzword that has been over-used and frequently misunderstood. There are many deployment scenarios for IT infrastructure, development platforms, and application software that have been referred to as "cloud", with the common theme being the use of the internet to access the IT resources, or at an even lower standard, the fact that the IT resources simply are somewhere else other than your office or home.

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What Is the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Accounting Software?

As a business owner or member of the senior management team, you know that it's a good practice to evaluate multiple alternatives to a particular requirement or solution. If you are considering buying products or services from potential vendors, you probably get 2-3 quotes from different vendors, and evaluate them on the merits of their cost as well as the nature and quality of the services they can bring to the table.

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Cloud-Computing is the Future for Business Applications

Cloud applications have taken off for individuals (ex: Facebook, Google Docs, Twitter), but as cloud applications continue to mature, businesses are coming around as well. Cloud-computing is now a buzz-word in the software industry, and for good reason: the advantages of cloud applications are abundant. As more businesses are seeing the value proposition the cloud offers, the field of worthy cloud-based business applications continues to grow. 

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing to Finance and Accounting

Intacct's CFO Marc Linden talks about the benefits of cloud computing to finance and accounting organizations.

What Is Cloud Computing?

There are a lot of people now using the term "cloud computing" to mean a lot of different things. This is not something that's brand new. It's something we're all familiar with even though we may not realize it. We're familiar with it in our lives as consumers through our use of iPhone applications or through our use of Google or Gmail or Hotmail. 

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Overcoming the Back-Office Growing Pains of Being a Mid-Sized Company

There are many small and many large companies, but few mid-sized companies in between. Often companies don’t survive the growing pains inherent in being mid-sized.

The finance and accounting department is one that typically poses the most challenges. Once companies have outgrown a program like QuickBooks, they often get lost in a shoebox of receipts before they can afford a major server-based accounting system, or the finance staff to support it.

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