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What’s New in the Sage Intacct Release 3

Sage Intacct Release 3 for 2020 is live and we are here to give you an overview of the new features you rely on to make your job easier. In Release 3, Sage Intacct is delivering automation and streamlining processes around credit card transactions and reconciliations, cross-entity allocations, and budgeting and planning. These are just a handful of what's new in the 2020 Sage Intacct Release 3.

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What’s New in the Latest Sage Intacct Release for 2020?

Sage Intacct Release 2 for 2020 is now live and we are here to give you an overview of the new features or enhancements you rely on to make your job easier when it's time to pay bills, inter-entity setup and management, as well as budgeting and planning. These are just a handful of what's new in the 2020 Sage Intacct Release 2. Let's take a closer look!

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What’s New in the Winter 2018 Release of Sage Intacct's SaaS Platform?

I’m excited to share that Sage Intacct has just launched the latest version of our award-winning cloud financial management software—Sage Intacct 2018 Release 4.

Complexity in our modern world is everywhere. Some might argue that Accounting and Finance have more than their fair share of it. We love simplicity, but we don’t want to be restricted. Sage Intacct was built to take the hard-to-do nature of accounting and make it simple. Over time, we’ve added capabilities to make it comprehensive, auditable and scalable.

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What’s in Sage Intacct 2018 Version 3 Release?

Imagine coming into the office one morning to discover your enterprise accounting software has been automatically updated with powerful new features. It also features extensive upgrades and enhancements, along with tweaks designed to improve efficiency and productivity.

Sage Intacct users know exactly what this feels like. The financial management solution is updated once every quarter in ways that dramatically improve its quality and utility. Plus, thanks to the cloud the updates are automatically installed with no input from the user. A big part of why Sage Intacct has become an industry-leading solution is because it effortlessly improves all the time.

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What's in Sage Intacct's Release 2 for 2018?

We're barely halfway through the year, yet Sage Intacct has already released its second major update of 2018. Part of what distinguishes Sage Intacct from other financial management solutions is the rigorous commitment to improvement and innovation. For that reason, the company commits to releasing an update on a quarterly basis.

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Highlights of Sage Intacct's Release 1 2018

Sage Intacct is an industry-leading financial management solution. But in today's rapidly-evolving business world, a static solution can’t remain relevant. The developers behind Sage Intacct understand this, which is why the product is updated four times annually without fail.

These are not minor or cosmetic updates, either. They are based on deep feedback from users and designed to extend and improve the utility of the solution. As a result, Sage Intacct gets better and better every few months.

The first update of 2018 went into effect on February 9, and the additions and enhancements are some of the most significant in the history of the solution. Look forward to these new capabilities:

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What is Included in Sage Intacct's Final 2017 Update?

Sage Intacct is a leader in midmarket financial management software for a number of reasons. But the feature that so consistently sets this option above the rest is the commitment to improvement. Sage Intacct receives a comprehensive update four times a year in order to better reflect the real needs and wants of actual users.

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Sage Intacct Just Keeps Getting Better

Sage Intacct Undergoes a Major Upgrade

The needs of today's accounting and finance professional are constantly growing and changing. In order to continue to be the ERP of choice for these professionals, Sage Intacct is always growing and changing too, releasing four full releases each year at no additional cost to users. We thought we'd highlight a few of Sage Intacct's most recent enhancements:

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