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Benefits of Outsourcing Church Accounting

At AcctTwo, since our team comes from the faith-based community, we not only understand how important it is for you to focus on your mission, we help you do it!

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How Cloud Computing has Changed the Role of the CFO

Until cloud computing became a ubiquitous business solution, almost all IT decisions were up to the CIO. But now that the cloud has shifted the paradigm, other departments are becoming invested and involved with tech like never before. And no one has been impacted more than the CFO. Here are some examples of the new roles these executives are now responsible for.

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Finance at a Crossroads: The Risks of Standing Still

A Research Report from Saugatuck Technology

A quote from the report:

“Historically, our most frequent response to the threat of business or IT change is ‘Don’t just do something, stand there.’ We’d rather wait to make a late investment than rush and make a worse investment. That will not work in today’s business.” – CFO, $20M US-based printing concern

Business IT consulting and advisory firm Saugatuck Technology reports that nearly 90% of businesses, regardless of size or industry, are moving to cloud-based technologies in order to improve, innovate, and accelerate their businesses. The majority of those moves, according to the report, are by Sales, Marketing and Customer Support functions. Finance and accounting departments, on the other hand, still tend to be hampered by legacy systems that are only half as effective as they need to be.

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