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Finance at a Crossroads: The Risks of Standing Still

A Research Report from Saugatuck Technology

A quote from the report:

“Historically, our most frequent response to the threat of business or IT change is ‘Don’t just do something, stand there.’ We’d rather wait to make a late investment than rush and make a worse investment. That will not work in today’s business.” – CFO, $20M US-based printing concern

Business IT consulting and advisory firm Saugatuck Technology reports that nearly 90% of businesses, regardless of size or industry, are moving to cloud-based technologies in order to improve, innovate, and accelerate their businesses. The majority of those moves, according to the report, are by Sales, Marketing and Customer Support functions. Finance and accounting departments, on the other hand, still tend to be hampered by legacy systems that are only half as effective as they need to be.

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If you are considering an on-prem solution, I have a stock tip for you…

I’ve never been one to avoid discussing the elephant sitting in the middle of the room. I like to call it out, point out the size and colors of its ears, the peanuts it’s eating, and the mess it’s creating for the rest of us to clean up. It’s there … let’s not avoid it, ok?

So, the elephant sitting in my room today is the fact that companies are still considering on-premises accounting solutions. I don’t get it. Seriously. How can someone pick an old, antiquated system, or a 1990’s way of handling your accounting data? It doesn’t make sense to me.

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Does Your Accounting Software Make You Feel Like You're Running a Mechanic's Shop in Poland?

Blast from the past: A Commodore 64 Still Working to Balance Drive Shafts

Look, I don't want to take away anything from antiques or retro technology or anything like that. I myself have owned vintage Nintendos, guitar amps, and a pretty darn old Toyota Landcruiser. And last week's article on CNET pointing to a Facebook post on Commodore USA's page is pretty cool. An auto shop in Poland has been using a Commodore C64C to balance drive shafts, and the machine has been working "non-stop" for the last 25 years. Just take a look at the picture below (courtesy of Piotr Farmas via Commodore USA). There's not enough Armor All in all the waiting rooms of all the Jiffy Lube's in all the world to get that thing clean again.

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Cloud ERP: Two More Execs Leave SAP

We JUST posted a link to an article from May about the departure from SAP of Lars Daalgard, the founder of SuccessFactors, a cloud-based human capital management company acquired by SAP to help move the legacy giant into the SaaS marketplace. He lasted less than a year, and now we hear that two more executives with so-called "cloud DNA" have decided to move on. 
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SAP and the Cloud - Not a Match Made in Heaven

Lars Left

We've blogged a few times about SAP and its relationship with the Cloud. In October, SAP announced it would stop developing it's Business byDesign application, the only true multi-tenant cloud-based accounting product in its line. We saw this as an indication of how the traditional on-premise accounting and ERP software companies were struggling with the Software-as-a-Service trend. Well, here's another indication of this struggle: back in May, Lars Daalgard left the SAP executive board.

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