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Payroll Trends Impacting Accounting Professionals

Running payroll is like mowing the lawn: It’s something every business must do regularly, but no business enjoys. And, like lawn-care, neglecting small details can lead to big problems.

This is one business obligation that is overdue for innovation and disruption. Thankfully, advances in technology combined with new service models are transforming payroll processing. 

Better still, this transformation isn’t limited to larger organizations. Accounting departments at small and mid-sized enterprises are enjoying the benefits while saving time, money, and frustration in the process. A new-generation of payroll processing has arrived. These are its most impressive improvements:

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Divestment Trends Support the Need for Managed Accounting Services

Everyone acknowledges this is a disruptive time for businesses. But it's still surprising that, according to a recent survey by Ernst & Young, up to 87% of companies plan to divest or carve out a division or business unit by 2020. Last year only 43% of businesses reported divestment plans.

The demands of rapidly evolving industries are requiring companies to be agile and flexible in order to be competitive.  But while spinning off a subsidiary may help the core company to become leaner, it leaves the company newly carved out in a precarious position.

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The Industry is Evolving to Embrace Managed Accounting Services

The definition of "accountant" is different today than it has been at any other time in history. Traditionally, these professionals were labeled as bean counters and number crunchers. The work they performed was essential, but it did not rise above the level of administration.

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The Evolving Accounting Profession – Predictions for 10 Years Down the Road

The accounting field is dynamic by nature. But it's also bound by traditions, obligations, and regulations. As a result, the pace of change in accounting has been historically slow. Until recently.

A confluence of forces ranging from new technologies to new opportunities and risks is transforming the field at a breakneck pace. The promise and potential of accounting is greater than ever before. But so is the complexity and consequence.

The companies that hope to take advantage of these shifts must be aware of what is coming next. Here are some predictions for the near future from industry experts:

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Managed Accounting Services Isn't an All or Nothing Proposition

Today's accounting departments are growing and evolving at a historic pace. Now that every conceivable business process has become driven by data, financial professionals have taken on huge new responsibilities for data management and analysis while still handling GAAP.

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The Growing Need for Managed Accounting Services

Is it Time to Consider Managed Accounting Services

Data is the currency of the future. The organizations that make the most of the information flooding into their offices gain a distinct competitive advantage and lay the foundation for sustained success.

The challenge, however, is that data has no value unless it's tracked, stored, managed, and analyzed carefully. While most companies have more than enough data to work with, few have the resources necessary to leverage it successfully. Ambitious companies are forced to make a difficult choice – add expensive new staff and technology to the ranks, or risk losing out on the next big opportunity. In order to resolve this catch-22 scenario, consider enlisting a third possibility.

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Managed Accounting Services: It's About Adding Value

The common line about Managed Accounting Services (MAS), also known as Business-Process-as-a-Service, BPaaS, or Business Process Outsourcing for accounting and finance, is that it's mostly a way to cut costs. But that's like saying the best thing about not having to sleep much is that you save a ton on bedding. It misses the point.

It's true that MAS can have a real and ongoing impact on budgets. In practice, however, enterprises realize value in many ways. MAS is less a way of keeping costs in check and more a means to optimize everything you do. Here are some examples:

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Video: Managed Accounting Services with AcctTwo and Intacct

AcctTwo's customers (Bill Weathersby of Energy Water Solutions, Kristi Lanier of WUXI Nextcode, and Kevin Doffing of Sam's Safety) discuss the advantages of AcctTwo's Managed Accounting Services and Intacct.

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