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The Price of Business - Marcus Wagner on the Importance of Real-Time Analytics

Marcus Wagner Interviewed by Syndicated Columnist, Kevin Price

Marcus has become a regular contributor to Kevin's show and was recently asked to discuss the benefits of today's cloud-based Business Intelligence, reporting, and analytics solutions. Some topics Marcus covers:

  • The benefits of best-in-class cloud business applications
  • The necessity for real-time analytics and deeper dimensional financial and operational data
  • How analytics helps extract value from data and help predict the future
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Why Have a Reporting Strategy with New Business Accounting Software

Business Accounting Software Implementation Advice from AcctTwo's Chief Technology Officer

Part of our customer success methodology is to conduct a project close interview with project stakeholders at the end of every Intacct ERP implementation. Along with capturing a quantitative customer satisfaction score that contributes to our overall Net Promoter Score, we also ask qualitative questions about how the implementation went and whether we provided the necessary leadership, communication, and training to make the project a success. One response I too commonly receive is: "The implementation went really well but there are some reports and dashboards we still want to have built."

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Dimensions in Accounting Software

From the Perspective of an AcctTwo Implementation Consultant

I was recently asked what aspect of implementing Intacct's accounting and ERP software seems to have the greatest impact and benefit for our customers, and I would have to say that, in my opinion, Intacct's Dimensions are the most impactful feature that we implement. Most of our customers come from a world of legacy accounting software that required them to add dozens or hundreds (and even thousands!) of GL accounts to their accounting system just to make a specific distinction that can be done easily with dimensions. As an example, customers might have an account for Fixed Assets. If they wanted to report on that account by location, they would have to create a separate account for Fixed Assets for each location. With dimensions, we're able to set up just one account, but we can still report on that account by location or any other aspect we define.

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Why is merging membership information with financial data important for churches?

Financial data is important, but so is operational data

In order to help us build and shape our church, we must track membership activity both in giving and participation. Creating a healthy community of believers is a primary goal for any church. As we grow the church, our analytics produce different results than those in the business world but our ability to evaluate the health of both our members and our finances is paramount to the success of the church.

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Blessed are the Flexible! Part 4 - Analytics

This is Part 4 of our Blessed are the Flexible Series. Click here to read Part 3 about Accountability.

Being good stewards of the resources God has provided is not just something we hope we can do. It is required for operating more effectively and efficiently. The concept of being effective and efficient is the cornerstone of a business’s ability to be profitable or not. Even though churches do not exist to make a "profit”, we must make good, educated business decisions so that every dollar spent fulfills the church's mission. Businesses determine their effectiveness and efficiency by measuring performance against targets, goals or previous performance. 

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Insights from Virtual Hold: Why our CEO is an advocate of Intacct

From Intacct's View from the Cloud Blog:

Nancy Rivas recently sat down with Jim Bokar of Virtual Hold Technology...

"I recently had an opportunity to chat with Jim Bokar, director of finance and controller at Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) and an Intacct MVP, about their use of Intacct and how their CEO utilizes the platform.

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Investment in Equipment is Growing. Can Your Accounting System Keep Up?

CFO.com recently posted some information about the continued growth of equipment investment, referring to a survey by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation. While they are forecasting a drop from the second half of 2014, when the rate of growth of equipment and software investment was above 9%, a remarkable number, the survey predicts the positive trend will continue at a respectable rate of around 6%. We encourage you to look more closely at the survey linked above, but first we'd like for you to consider some things:

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Gaining Strategic Insight into Business Performance

From Intacct's View from the Cloud:

High-growth organizations today are operating in an increasingly complex, competitive landscape - often on a global or multi-entity scale. In response to this, businesses are expecting their financial systems to provide access to more than traditional, “business as usual” information. Finance teams are looking for strategic ways to improve reporting so that it is faster and more accurate, and provides crucial insight into performance across the entire organization.
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Truly See Your Business for the First Time

To survive in today’s business world, you need flexible financial forecasting software that gives you real-time visibility into your company’s overall business performance. Watch the video below and see from customers first-hand how Intacct financial forecasting software can help you do this by:

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Software CEO/CFO Survey: Analytics and Social Driving Increased Revenue Growth

It's long been recognized the software industry as a whole is in a period of growth. Much of this progression can be attributed to the rapid adoption of cloud computing and SaaS models that allow users a more seamless integration process, lowered initial costs, and a painless upgrade experience.
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