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ROI Case Study: Canto - Moving from Dynamics NAV (Microsoft Navision) to the Cloud

With plenty of talk about the benefits of moving your systems to the cloud, it's always good to get a dose of reality. One way to do that is to see a real-life example. We'd like to share a case study with you that really gives details on the actual ROI for moving your business' financials from Navision to a cloud-based solution. Some background about Canto:

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Differences between Intacct and Microsoft Great Plains

An Expert on Both Intacct and Microsoft Great Plains (Dynamics GP) Compares the Two Products

The video shows a presentation of the differences between Intacct's cloud-based financial software and Microsoft's traditional on-premise Dynamics GP (Great Plains) solution. The audio you'll hear is Mark Gervase interviewing Linda Antonelli, who is an expert on Intacct as well as having 20+ years experience selling and implementing Dynamics GP. 

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