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ROI Case Study: Canto - Moving from Dynamics NAV (Microsoft Navision) to the Cloud

With plenty of talk about the benefits of moving your systems to the cloud, it's always good to get a dose of reality. One way to do that is to see a real-life example. We'd like to share a case study with you that really gives details on the actual ROI for moving your business' financials from Navision to a cloud-based solution. Some background about Canto:

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When Buying Accounting Software, Bigger isn't Always Better

Growing Pains

So you're the CEO or CFO of a small to mid-sized business that's seen a lot of growth. In its infant stages, it made sense for your company to use an accounting solution like Quickbooks or Peachtree, but now you're in need of more complex functionality. Spreadsheet-based reports are becoming unmanageable and prone to too many errors. As your business is growing, you'd like to have better visibility into what's happening real-time, so you can be strategic and plan for the future. Maybe you've grown so fast that you've had all of your data in Excel, and you're taking months to complete your year-end-close process, going through bank and credit card statements, invoices and expense reports (don't be embarrassed - it's more common than you think, even for companies with tens of millions of dollars in revenue).

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Interview with an Expert: Switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Intacct

When migrating to new financial management and accounting software, there are many important considerations. For example, you need to look at what your current system can't handle and what an ideal new system would look like. You also need to make sure that any new solution can accommodate not just your present needs, but also your needs well into the future. Even though it can be a tough decision to switch to a new system, when the benefits outweigh the cons, it's time (or more like, well past time) to make a move.
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Differences between Intacct and Microsoft Great Plains

An Expert on Both Intacct and Microsoft Great Plains (Dynamics GP) Compares the Two Products

The video shows a presentation of the differences between Intacct's cloud-based financial software and Microsoft's traditional on-premise Dynamics GP (Great Plains) solution. The audio you'll hear is Mark Gervase interviewing Linda Antonelli, who is an expert on Intacct as well as having 20+ years experience selling and implementing Dynamics GP. 

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What does a look at three traditional on-premise accounting software providers tell us about the future?

The Future of SAP Business ByDesign, Sage 500, MS Dynamics and the Cloud

Microsoft's Dynamics ERP, Sage 500 ERP, and SAP's ERP products make up a huge chunk of the enterprise resource planning software market, and have historically been provided as on-site, customer-hosted, solutions. And as we've all heard an enormous amount of talk about the Cloud, taking a look at the various changes afoot at these giants of the industry provides valuable insight into what the true effects of cloud-based trends are, particularly in the world of ERP and accounting software.

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