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What Do I Need to Raise Capital?

Raising capital is one of the hardest things a founder can do and it will consume a significant amount of your time. 

Given what we are experiencing with COVID-19, it is even more challenging. Interestingly, today “the biggest change lies in not the money itself, but the appetite for uncertainty. Most investors are going to be more cautious currently, which will require some form of uncertainty premium as a part of the terms. One way to ensure that you can raise money confidently in this time is to get intimately familiar with cash flow on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis.” 

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AcctTwo's CEO Reflects on the Many Challenges Growth Often Brings

Middle Market Thought Leader Podcast Summary

In case you missed Marcus Wagner's interview on Jack Sweeney's Middle Market Thought Leader podcast, I wanted to share a summary of that interview with you. Marcus discusses his experiences building a middle market company from the ground up and touches on the following experiences, challenges, and "Aha Moments":

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5 Ways Your Small to Mid-Sized Business Can Benefit from Outsourcing

Outsourcing: Not Just for Big Dogs

Outsourcing is no longer the purview of large corporations. Increasingly, small to mid-sized businesses are learning the secret that outsourcing non-core business functions can cut costs and jumpstart growth. Here are five quick reasons outsourcing your business processes can be very effective:

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