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Demonstrating Impact With the Right Nonprofit Dashboard Indicator

A nonprofit KPI dashboard, at its core, should be a tracker that collects the most important outcome metrics in one place and updates them automatically based on changes to the underlying data, financial and operational. Like the dashboard of a car, it makes the performance of the nonprofit clear at a glance. 

Nonprofit dashboards are the final component of any effort to track outcomes. After identifying what KPIs to track, and how to track them, nonprofit dashboards offer a means to put those metrics to work on behalf of the mission, but the trick is knowing which nonprofit dashboard indicator to display.

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Tame Your Wild Nonprofit Chart of Accounts with Dimensions

Without the right accounting software, your nonprofit Chart of Accounts (COA) can become unwieldy. Many nonprofits find it difficult to sift through ever-multiplying COAs with thousands of unique account numbers to create reports or fix errors during close. 

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'Accounting Digital Transformation' and Your Finance Department

What is it, and what does it mean for you?

Buzzwords, catch-phrases, and hype are the hallmarks of any talk about technology trends. We've written often about the "the Cloud," what it means and why it's important to properly define it, or at least agree on a definition when we're comparing products and delivery models. On the topic of "Digital Transformation," another hyped-up buzzword, I read a great article by David Terrar, an Enterprise Irregular and the CEO of Agile Elephant, a consulting firm focusing on, guess what? Digital Transformation.

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Using Integrated Nonprofit Financial Software to Create Team Collaboration

There is a not-so-subtle disconnect in most nonprofit organizations between the finance team and the fundraising team. Providing the tools and technology necessary to enable these departments to collaborate and support each other allows your nonprofit organization to achieve even greater mission impact with the right nonprofit financial software. There are several reasons why finance and fundraising professionals find it difficult to collaborate sometimes. 

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Elevate Your Mission with Automated Church Metrics

It can be hard to imagine that cloud-based ERP can help you accomplish your Mission. Time and time again, we’ve seen churches and other nonprofit organizations strengthen stewardship and demonstrate their outcomes with church metrics. Find out how the visibility, flexibility, efficiency, automation, and integration you need to succeed is a reality with AcctTwo and cloud church accounting.

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4 Nonprofit Management Challenges Solved for Charities & Foundations

Wealthy donors who fund most philanthropic foundations have high expectations around financial accountability, transparency, and efficiency. Cloud accounting software for nonprofit management enables grantmaking foundations and philanthropic charities to focus their time and energy on their mission. Nearly 76 billion dollars were given by charitable foundations in 2019. Seventeen percent of those charitable dollars are given to nonprofit organizations from foundations, and mostly through grantmaking, which is a lot to try to manage manually.

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Allocations Fall 2021 Release Update

We are proud to announce AcctTwo's Period-End Allocations Fall Release 2021. In this release we're adding new features that allow for more allocation pool and basis options as well as settings for how and if the allocation will process. We have added the ability to allocate to and from budgets as well as weighted average calculations. We also have added the ability to restrict or allow allocations to be run numerous times for the same period. Additionally, we added a start and end date for a given allocation to allow you set an allocation up ahead of time and not worry about it being run for a period you do not want. The end date will allow you to stop an allocation from running in a future period when it is no longer valid. Finally, we added the ability to pick and choose which dimension the values will keep from the pool versus take from the basis.

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Sage Intacct 2021 Release 3: What’s New?

This quarter, we welcomed our third release of Sage Intacct 2021! This release provides deeper support for our verticals and reduces manual processes with automation. Here are some major highlights:

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Increase Transparency for Donors with 12 Financial KPIs for Nonprofits

Donors demand full transparency and accountability before committing funds to a cause. Nonprofit finance leaders are responsible for ensuring good stewardship of donor dollars to make the biggest impact possible. Leaders need to make sure the greatest percentage of resources goes towards the mission and not operational expenses. To help you get started, here are some sample financial KPIs for nonprofits that donors want to see.

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Baker Tilly Acquires AcctTwo, the Leading Sage Intacct Partner

Acquisition of Houston-based technology and services company creates a trifecta of best-in-class technology, implementation and outsourcing.

HOUSTON (Sept. 1, 2021) – Baker Tilly US, LLP (Baker Tilly) announces the acquisition of AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC (AcctTwo). The move amplifies Baker Tilly’s robust product development capabilities and extensive digital practice. The acquisition will be effective Oct. 1, 2021.

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