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Payroll Trends Impacting Accounting Professionals

Running payroll is like mowing the lawn: It’s something every business must do regularly, but no business enjoys. And, like lawn-care, neglecting small details can lead to big problems.

This is one business obligation that is overdue for innovation and disruption. Thankfully, advances in technology combined with new service models are transforming payroll processing. 

Better still, this transformation isn’t limited to larger organizations. Accounting departments at small and mid-sized enterprises are enjoying the benefits while saving time, money, and frustration in the process. A new-generation of payroll processing has arrived. These are its most impressive improvements:

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Hiring for Growth is a Dead End

When companies begin to expand into new markets and develop new product lines, a natural response is to hire additional staff. Yet that's not always the best way to handle growth. In fact, many progressive companies are focusing only on strategic hires these days, not individuals who are fulfilling rote tasks.
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How Cloud Financials Enable Growth without Hiring

Your company's growing quickly and you're having trouble scaling internal processes with the demand. The logical next step is to hire additional staff. But is that the smartest step? While it's not politically correct to say so in this economy, hiring employees can sometimes be counterproductive to enabling innovation and rapid success in your small or midsize business.

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