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Jumpstart SaaS Portco Growth With Private Equity Software Solutions

Private Equity and Venture Capital firms with SaaS and subscription businesses in their portfolios face unique challenges in providing strategic financial guidance to their portcos, particularly new ones. Often, you'll find undeveloped internal controls and manual tracking methodologies that inevitably result in delayed, inaccurate financial data. In this blog series, we'll explain how investing in purpose-built, real-time private equity software solutions that are specifically designed for SaaS and subscription-based reporting and metrics can help PEs and VCs overcome these challenges and jumpstart growth.

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Home Service Industry Trends: Optimizing Finance Technology

At AcctTwo, we curate, integrate, and optimize the ideal technology stack for finance and accounting departments at midsize organizations. We do this through an industry lens and one of the key industries we focus on is the growing Home Services industry, which constitutes businesses whose main purpose is working on residential homes, though some of these also take on commercial business. This includes plumbing, HVAC, flooring, landscaping, concrete, moving and storage services, and more.

We’re seeing a growing home service industry trends where Private Equity-backed companies, or “platforms,” are consolidating local and regional Home Services businesses, keeping their business names, and making minimal changes to their staffs, but making major improvements in their technology and processes.

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