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Finance Leaders Overcome Digital Transformation Challenges to Come Out Stronger

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that business operations needs to be early adopters of technology to overcome digital transformation challenges. Traditionally, finance and operation teams tend to be more conservative when adopting  platforms, so that controls and bugs are properly vetted, however – in our new remote world, we need to be as connected as ever. “An AvidXchange survey of 500 businesses found that since the pandemic began nearly three out of four businesses (74 percent) have added new technology to enhance work, reducing pressures and creating agility as they navigate a rapidly changing work environment.”

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Zoom Security Best Practices

Many of us are using Zoom in some capacity. Maybe you’ve attended a Zoom event or you may have kids at home using the application for school, dance, and other activities. Either way, Zoom has quickly become a household name. However, like us, you may have some concerns regarding recent press around Zoom security, Zoom-bombing, and privacy.

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