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RPA Makes Room for Your Entire Accounting Agenda

Accountants have always relied on automation to make their lives easier, even going back as far as the abacus. But now thanks to data-driven technologies and self-directed processes, robotic process automation (RPA) is possible. And as a result of these new capabilities, accounting is transforming in a number of ways.

RPA is lowering costs, refining accounting insights, speeding up reporting, and eliminating errors and omissions. Where accountants really feel the impact of automation, however, is in their own workloads and schedules.

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The State of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Key Takeaways

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a complex sounding name for a fairly simple concept. Anytime a process is performed by a robot or automation rather than a human it is an example of RPA. That includes everything from the robots that build cars to sophisticated systems that handle big data analysis.

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RPA is Coming: How to Keep Robotic Accountants Effective

When we think about the robotic workforce of the future, we tend to focus on industrial applications, but the impact of automated labor may be felt most broadly and deeply in the world of finance.

A recent piece in the Wall Street Journal highlights an accountant named Roberta working for the Nordic energy firm Statoil. Roberta is tasked with analyzing huge amounts of payment data to locate missing invoices. And she is incredibly good at her job because she is actually a piece of software.

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Diginomica: AI Bots Are Coming to Midmarket Finance and Accounting

In a recent article, Diginomica co-founder Jon Reed gives us his take on Sage Intacct's announcement of a new artificial intelligence (AI) bot, Pacioli. Fra Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli was a 15th Century Franciscan Friar who is widely considered the father of double-entry accounting. At Sage Intacct's Advantage user conference in Las Vegas in October, Aaron Harris, Sage Intacct Senior Vice President and Head of Engineering and Technology, publicly announced the development of Pacioli as Sage Intacct's next major technological addition to its cloud-based financial management software.

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