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Cloud Financials: What Was Once Considered Unsafe Might Be the Only Hope Against Cyber Attacks

The size and scope of cyber attacks reached ever more alarming levels in the past year. Reports indicate that instances of ransomware attacks increased by 300% in 2016, with up to 4,000 attacks occurring on a daily basis. And in just Q3 of 2016, over 18 million new samples of malware were discovered.

This is shocking information for any enterprise, but particularly for those dealing with large volumes of financial data. Securing this data is not just a priority - it is now an existential concern for companies of all sizes in every industry.

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How Secure is Your Financial Data in the Cloud?

Top 6 Reasons Your Data is Safe and Secure in the Cloud with Intacct

Is moving to a cloud based accounting solution a wise decision? Well, there are many myths about the cloud, but today let’s concentrate on one: safety.

The cloud – that global network of computers that everybody is talking about – is safe for your accounting data with a reliable software provider like Intacct.

So let's dive into this and look in more detail at how your data is safe in the cloud with Intacct.

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Debunking The Top 3 Myths About Accounting In The Cloud

Although it's clear that the cloud is here to stay, from time to time we still have to ease the concerns of CFOs, CEOs, and board members about replacing their accounting system with cloud-based software. They are worried that the cloud is new, and as a result, there is no guarantee the data is safe and accessible. They worry they'll have no control over their data. And often they believe that cloud-based software must be more expensive.

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Ransomware Attack on Hospital Reinforces the Virtues of the Cloud

The myth that the closer you keep your sensitive data, the safer it is, has once again been proven wrong. Last week, reports surfaced that Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles suffered a "ransomware" attack, locking employees out of critical IT systems.

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Three Common Misconceptions about Cloud Computing

When I speak with business people about cloud technology, I often hear the same set of concerns. Many of these concerns originate from established IT groups currently providing business services, while other concerns come from assumptions about technology that may have been valid five years ago but aren't true today. With the fast pace of improvements in cloud technology, holding on to these outdated misconceptions can be costing your business.

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