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SaaS Revenue Recognition Solution Complies with New ASC 606 and FASB

ASC 606 and FASB Accounting Rules Are Complicated. Learn how a SaaS Revenue Recognition Solution Helps

For many companies, the ASC 606 and FASB revenue reporting requirements went into effect on December 15, 2017. That date was in the minds of many accountants because it represents a radical new way of doing things.

The deadline for adoption was pushed back because it was too difficult for companies to adhere to the new revenue recognition standard. The transition from one set of rules to another was proving to be so problematic for enterprises of all sizes without the right revenue recognition software.

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AcctTwo Customer, Sailpoint, Announces Cloud Adoption Survey Results

As a provider of cloud-based SaaS ERP solutions as well as Business-Process-as-a-Service solutions on the Intacct cloud platform, it always interests us to learn more about trends in cloud adoption among companies and nonprofits of all sizes. So it was especially interesting when one of our customers, Sailpoint, published some results of a survey of 100 of their customers at the Gartner IAM Summit about their plans for cloud adoption.

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Dimensions Accounting Software: Why it Matters.

Sage Intacct with Dimensions Accounting Software - Business Metrics without Exploding Your Chart of Accounts

In today’s fast-paced business environment, senior managers require real-time metrics to measure the performance of their organizations. And, as the need for information increases, the time window to react and make informed decisions decreases.

When I meet with managers of companies at all levels, they tell me they need not only financial metrics but also business metrics that give them visibility over all their business drivers (units, operations, products, locations, projects, etc.) to identify those that are performing well and those that are not performing so well.

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SaaS Benchmarks – Security and Performance Costs Drive Up Cost of Revenue

From Intacct's View from the Cloud Blog:
We've invited Lauren Kelley, CEO and founder of OPEXEngine, to write a series of guest posts to the Intacct blog sharing some of her insights around benchmarks for software and SaaS companies. We hope you enjoy the series, the first post is below.

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