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How Professional Services Firms Use Technology to Drive Financial and Operational Performance

Learn What Successful PSO Leaders Know

With the professional services (PS) market showing strength once again, it is time for its executives to look inward at their organizations to ensure they have the people, processes and information systems necessary to drive growth and profitability over the next decade.

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Starting Inventory Management in Intacct

From Intacct's View from the Cloud Blog:

Today's blog is a guest blog by Justin Velthoen, product manager of QStock Inventory, an inventory management and barcoding solution that has direct integration with Intacct.

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Outcomes, Outputs and the Problems with Large, Complex Systems

Salesforce's VP of Strategic Research, Peter Coffey, wrote an article for Diginomica last week about the pitfalls that any group or organization can fall into when trying to measure the success of any effort - a tendency to measure activities rather than outcomes. He points out that new products, like Salesforce.com, and processes are connected as never before, and can make it easier than ever to measure actual accomplishments. Our old and flawed assumptions, however, may be embedded deeply enough that this will require a change in mindset.

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How We Work: Social Collaboration across Processes and Departments

We began a series of articles about How We Work nearly a year ago, where we touched on the history of workflow, the effect of technology on workflow and collaboration, and the impact of social media-style collaboration software on how we work together. Right around the time we posted about social media and collaboration tools, we began to use and experiment with Salesforce Chatter here at AcctTwo. 

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Project Accounting - The Way We Weren't

We recently blogged about cloud-based or SaaS software and how, with its ability to release frequent new updates and to get valuable metrics and feedback about its user-base, our expectations as users should be very high. This led us to consider how one of our offerings, Intacct, has changed over the years and proven that SaaS software really does allow for frequent, feature-rich updates and added functionality. It's nice to look back at how we've changed over the years. Last week, we took a look at reporting dashboards and how the UI has changed over the years. This week, we want to look a more functional change - an extension of the software to help project-based businesses, and an example of what best-of-breed software can offer over a suite-based approach.
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What is Best of Breed and Why is it Important to Your Business?

Best of Breed as a Core Strategy

You'll hear this topic referenced as best of breed, best in class, software ecosystems, or as cloud or SaaS software integrations. What does all of this mean? We'd like to share a white paper with you that will hopefully shed some light on the subject and why it really is important to you and your business as you put together the software tools you need to be successful - particularly financial management software.

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Introducing the New Intacct Marketplace

From Intacct's View from the Cloud Blog:

Sonny and Cher. Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Each just doesn't quite seem complete without the other half in these binary combinations

As the saying goes, “Good things come in pairs,” and Intacct believes in presenting compatible, best-in-class products to create complementary solutions for our customers.

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The Benefits of a Best-in-Class Cloud Accounting Solution

The massive growth in cloud computing has primarily been driven by best in class systems – think Salesforce.com for CRM, etc. In the on-premises software days, “all in one” suites helped reduce the massive integration hassles stemming from multiple deployment platforms and trying to move data from system to system. The cloud changed all that.
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When Evaluating Accounting Software: Integrated Suites vs. Best-of-Breed?

Online Accounting Software Evaluation

As you evaluate financial systems, chances are you've hit on one of the key questions: Should I opt for a suite of applications that includes financials, or a best-of-breed financials solution? With the various tradeoffs, it's not an easy choice.

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Switching to the Cloud: Integrations and Best-in-Class Systems

Prior to coming to Intacct, many of our customers were challenged with integrating their premises-based system with other business applications. Today, an accounting and finance system needs to work with the best business applications in the market in order to save you time, money, and headaches. Most on-premises accounting systems were designed a generation or two ago to stand alone. They weren't made to integrate with the sophisticated, automated software we use to run businesses today. 

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