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Discovering how improved productivity can increase ROI

From Intacct's View from the Cloud Blog:

"One of the most frequent benefits an organization sees after optimizing its financials is the ability to drive value across the entire business. The right financial system provides companies with real-time financial and operational visibility into even the most complicated of accounts, comprehensive financial controls to ensure security and compliance, and extensive automation to streamlines business processes, reduce labor, and cut costs.

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The ROI of Cloud-Based Financial Applications

ROI - The Bottom Line

Nucleus Research has analyzed the experiences of many cloud customers over the years and found that cloud-based financial applications enable customers to achieve rapid payback and high return on investment over time. For companies trying to build the business case for such an application, following a 3-step process and a few simple guidelines will ensure a financial business case that is credible, achievable, and can serve as a roadmap for maximizing ROI throughout the application lifecycle.

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7 Tips to Avoid a Bad ERP Software Choice

The experts at FindAccountingSoftware.com have helped thousands of businesses evaluate and purchase ERP software solutions. Their blogger-in-residence, Adam Bluemner, recently posted a great list of tips for making that evaluation and purchase successful. They're all important, but our favorite:

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ROI Case Study: Canto - Moving from Dynamics NAV (Microsoft Navision) to the Cloud

With plenty of talk about the benefits of moving your systems to the cloud, it's always good to get a dose of reality. One way to do that is to see a real-life example. We'd like to share a case study with you that really gives details on the actual ROI for moving your business' financials from Navision to a cloud-based solution. Some background about Canto:

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Has Your Boss Tasked You with Evaluating a Software Purchase?

Are you the VP of Finance or a manager in your company's accounting department? Or are you an accounting department team member? Are you the wearer of many hats at a small, fast growing company? You might handle scheduling, purchasing, invoicing, even answering the phones. But now you've been asked to add to your plate the research and evaluation of a new, more sophisticated accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. To top it all off - you're not going to be the one who makes the decision in the end.

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Interview with an Expert: Switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Intacct

When migrating to new financial management and accounting software, there are many important considerations. For example, you need to look at what your current system can't handle and what an ideal new system would look like. You also need to make sure that any new solution can accommodate not just your present needs, but also your needs well into the future. Even though it can be a tough decision to switch to a new system, when the benefits outweigh the cons, it's time (or more like, well past time) to make a move.
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Why Should You Spend Money on Software?

Don't Focus on the Software's Price-Tag, Focus on the ROI

An obvious question and subsequent discussion that comes up in this business is "How much does a software solution cost?" When a customer sees the price tag associated with any software purchase, there is an immediate, visceral, human reaction. The customer or company has most likely determined a specific budget for the new tool that's being considered, and even if that assessment hasn't been made with due diligence, there's some sort of ballpark number in most people's heads, or at least a limit, when they start to look at what's available. What often quickly gets lost is the return on investment of those solutions. 

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Switching to the Cloud: Economics of Cloud Financials

Intacct has been promoting a paper from respected ERP industry analyst Brian Sommer. Brian wrote “Economics of Cloud Financials” which covers the varieties, costs, and benefits of financial systems in the cloud, from both a customer and vendor perspective. The paper discusses financial systems that are delivered on-premises, hosted by a 3rd party, delivered via single-tenant cloud, and delivered via multi-tenant cloud. You can find the paper here. Naturally, there are some key takeaways from the paper I want to bring to your attention.

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