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Has Your Boss Tasked You with Evaluating a Software Purchase?

Are you the VP of Finance or a manager in your company's accounting department? Or are you an accounting department team member? Are you the wearer of many hats at a small, fast growing company? You might handle scheduling, purchasing, invoicing, even answering the phones. But now you've been asked to add to your plate the research and evaluation of a new, more sophisticated accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. To top it all off - you're not going to be the one who makes the decision in the end.

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What Is the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Accounting Software?

As a business owner or member of the senior management team, you know that it's a good practice to evaluate multiple alternatives to a particular requirement or solution. If you are considering buying products or services from potential vendors, you probably get 2-3 quotes from different vendors, and evaluate them on the merits of their cost as well as the nature and quality of the services they can bring to the table.

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