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Middle Market Thought Leader Podcast: AcctTwo Leaps Into The Middle Market

AcctTwo CEO, Marcus Wagner interviewed by Jack Sweeney for Middle Market Thought Leader

From the Middle Market Thought Leader website:

"The middle market has always been a source of up-and-coming accounting clients for regional CPA firms, and such was the case for Marcus Wagner, who established a Houston CPA firm only to grow enamored with yet another mid-market opportunity. Join us when Marcus Wagner, founder and CEO of AcctTwo, recounts how cloud computing led him to bootstrap a shares services business he now views as the future of finance inside the middle market."

Listen to the full podcast below...

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Intacct versus NetSuite: How NetSuite's Ads are Making a Lot of Sense

On May 3rd, NetSuite posted a video to their YouTube channel. It's essentially an advertisement for their cloud ERP solutions told from the perspective of Aaron Levie, Founder and CEO of Box. Box is a cloud-based collaboration tool for both business and personal use that provides things like file sharing, document management, and mobile collaboration. Box is also a NetSuite customer.

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Video blog: The importance of using tax software and the future of cloud solutions

From Intacct's View from the Cloud Blog

Today's guest video blog post is courtesy of Asher Mathew, (@ashermathew), manager of strategic alliances at Avalara (@avalara). We sat down with Asher to discuss the importance of using tax software, the benefits of leveraging Avalara for Intacct (@Intacct) customers, the future of cloud software, and more.

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Gaining Strategic Insight into Business Performance

From Intacct's View from the Cloud:

High-growth organizations today are operating in an increasingly complex, competitive landscape - often on a global or multi-entity scale. In response to this, businesses are expecting their financial systems to provide access to more than traditional, “business as usual” information. Finance teams are looking for strategic ways to improve reporting so that it is faster and more accurate, and provides crucial insight into performance across the entire organization.
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Is Compiling Financial Reports Giving You and Your Staff Headaches?

If your staff is popping aspirin like candy before the weekly staff meeting, the diagnosis is simple: Compiling reports gives everybody headaches. The cure? Intacct's powerful built-in accounting and financial reporting and analytics capabilities that let you build, plan, define, and measure business metrics and performance.

Take a look at the two-minute demo below of Intacct standard reports to see how you can arm staff and executives with the insights and visibility they need to make better decisions and improve business performance—and cut the aspirin budget.

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Truly See Your Business for the First Time

To survive in today’s business world, you need flexible financial forecasting software that gives you real-time visibility into your company’s overall business performance. Watch the video below and see from customers first-hand how Intacct financial forecasting software can help you do this by:

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The Benefits of a Best-in-Class Cloud Accounting Solution

The massive growth in cloud computing has primarily been driven by best in class systems – think Salesforce.com for CRM, etc. In the on-premises software days, “all in one” suites helped reduce the massive integration hassles stemming from multiple deployment platforms and trying to move data from system to system. The cloud changed all that.
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When Evaluating Accounting Software: Integrated Suites vs. Best-of-Breed?

Online Accounting Software Evaluation

As you evaluate financial systems, chances are you've hit on one of the key questions: Should I opt for a suite of applications that includes financials, or a best-of-breed financials solution? With the various tradeoffs, it's not an easy choice.

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How Cloud Financial Software Accelerates Growth

Recently, Intacct's VP of Marketing, Clark Newby, sat down with the folks from eCornell to discuss a wide range of business landscape topics – from finance moving to the cloud, to mobile devices and business intelligence. In the first of a series of videos, he talks about how cloud financial applications can help companies scale more quickly.

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Is It Time to Change Your Accounting Software?

As a company grows, they eventually hit an inflection point where it becomes obvious that a change to their financial management and accounting software is required. This could be the case where the company has outgrown its initial financial system, such as QuickBooks, or a situation where they are looking to move off outdated and unwieldy on-premises financial software from the likes of Microsoft or Sage.
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