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What is Included in Sage Intacct's Final 2017 Update?

Sage Intacct Partner of the Year 2017Sage Intacct is a leader in midmarket financial management software for a number of reasons. But the feature that so consistently sets this option above the rest is the commitment to improvement. Sage Intacct receives a comprehensive update four times a year in order to better reflect the real needs and wants of actual users.

Unlike the updates that other financial management software solutions receive, the goal is not to add bells, whistles, or shiny coats of paint. Rather, the goal is to enhance the core functionality of Sage Intacct while adding intuitive features to the existing tool kit. The intention of every update is to make Sage Intacct better than ever and also immediately accessible.

The fourth update of 2017 went live in November
, and it reflects Sage Intacct's practices and principles perfectly. Here are just a few of the updates included in the new release:

  • Easier Approvals for Purchasing – Users are now able to list out all purchases awaiting approval and then accept/decline them systematically. It's also possible to reference the approval history for any purchase. In this way, the newest version enhances oversight while giving the user more granular levels of control.
  • New Control Over Contracts – Posting the contract expense schedule entries or contract revenue schedule entries for a given contract or customer is now much easier. Users now also have the ability to put contract lines and contract expenses on hold and then resume them later. These features condense previously cumbersome workloads into a fewer number of steps.
  • Better Warehouse Transfer Functionality – The latest Sage Intacct allows users to transfer inventory from a warehouse in one entity to a warehouse in a different entity even if it has a different base currency. Conversions are also easier now that it's possible to specify the source line of a specific transfer to convert. These updates are specifically intended to ease the burden of multi-entity management, especially when it spans across national borders.

As you can see, the final update of 2017 does not reinvent the wheel. Rather, it takes a close look at the existing features of Sage Intacct, makes an honest evaluation of the strengths/weaknesses, and makes an impassioned appeal for feedback from users. It then incorporates those insights to make subtle but substantial improvements. The latest Sage Intacct update, like all the previous updates, makes this solution stronger and smarter while also simpler and more seamless.

Sage Intacct is closing the year on a high note and making big plans for 2018. If your company is looking for a financial management software designed with the end user in mind, this one deserves your consideration. Contact AcctTwo to explore the benefits of Sage Intacct.

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