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What’s in Sage Intacct 2018 Version 3 Release?

Sage Intacct Release v3 2018

Imagine coming into the office one morning to discover your enterprise accounting software has been automatically updated with powerful new features. It also features extensive upgrades and enhancements, along with tweaks designed to improve efficiency and productivity.

Sage Intacct users know exactly what this feels like. The financial management solution is updated once every quarter in ways that dramatically improve its quality and utility. Plus, thanks to the cloud the updates are automatically installed with no input from the user. A big part of why Sage Intacct has become an industry-leading solution is because it effortlessly improves all the time.


Release 3 Notable Functionality Enhancements and Additions: 

The third release of 2018 includes some significant additions and improvements, across several critical business processes:

Running Global Consolidations from Regional Offices

Traditionally, headquarters handles global consolidations because it does not want to give access to company-wide financial data to regional offices. Consequently, regional offices often make financial decisions slowly and hesitantly. Sage Intacct now allows administrators to grant data access to smaller offices if appropriate.







Improving Oversight of Spend Management

Expenses come from multiple sources, making it difficult to consistently manage budgets. Release 3 creates new tools for tracking spending across sources, budgets, and time periods. It also utilizes AI to better predict spending issues and provide advanced warning.

Spend MGMT

Managing Compliance at Nonprofits

Nonprofits will soon have to follow new reporting rules under FASB 958. Sage Intacct makes adapting to new rules especially easy with pre-built compliance reports that can be tailored to specific nonprofits. It also includes a dashboard to track disclosures and simplify audits.

Non-profit Standards Compliance

Integrate with Salesforce CRM

One of the most popular CRM solutions is now easier than ever to integrate with Sage Intacct. Improved synchronization leads to fewer errors and greater process efficiency. Layouts can also be customized to meet individual user needs.

Integrate Sage Intacct with Salesforce CRM

Streamline Subscription Billing and Revenue Management

Complex contracts make it harder to manage billing and revenue. Average accounting solutions automate some of the workload, but they typically can’t handle uncommon scenarios. Sage Intacct has always been the exception, and it now offers even more use cases, billing options, renewal options, and billing schedule behaviors.

Sage Intacct has always had two goals – to make accounting better and to make accounting easier. With the latest release it succeeds on both fronts. Users can take on larger and more complex workloads. Yet they spend less time managing data and more time exploring insights.

A great solution just got better. And in a few months' time it will get better again. If you’re ready to rely on Sage Intacct, get all the help you need from AcctTwo.

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Let your journey begin!

 award-winning cloud financial management software—Sage Intacct 2018 Release 3

There are many future enhancements across Sage Intacct's award-winning, cloud financial management software.



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