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What's in Sage Intacct's Release 2 for 2018?

We're barely halfway through the year, yet Sage Intacct has already released its second major update of 2018. Part of what distinguishes Sage Intacct from other financial management solutions is the rigorous commitment to improvement and innovation. For that reason, the company commits to releasing an update on a quarterly basis.

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Watch the video covering the highlights of Sage Intacct's 2018 Release 2.

Every update brings sweeping changes and enhancements, but this one is substantial even by those standards. The latest release builds new capabilities and capacities into every corner of the product. Calling it an update doesn't do justice to how thoughtfully it evolves the solution to better serve users.

Here are some of the highlights from the lengthy list of updates:

  • New Metrics for Nonprofits – GuideStar is the leading source for information on nonprofits. Sage Intacct has teamed with GuideStar to create a suite of ready-made dashboards tailored specifically for the needs of nonprofits. Tracking key metrics and generating deep insights is now both intuitive and nearly automatic.
  • Stronger Audit Trails – Securing personal data is easier thanks to Advanced Audit Trail, a tool that tracks and records any time sensitive data is accessed. This level of protection is helpful in all companies, and it's essential in companies dealing with strict regulations like HIPAA or GDPR.
  • Advanced Contract Controls – New features like the ability to control the timing of contract bookings, revenue recognition, and renewals give companies greater flexibility over contracts. Accountants can now define when a contract line should book or defer recognizing revenue until performance obligations are met.
  • More for Inventory Management – Soon after this release Sage Intacct plans to introduce new inventory management features. A forthcoming "Warehouse User" type provides access to customized inventory controls. The update will also include the ability to factor in landed and replenishment costs for more cost-effective inventory management.
  • Updates to Action UI – Sage Intacct recently updated its user interface with a new look and feel called "Action UI," a design created to maximize efficiency, productivity, and understanding. The latest release incorporates a number of tweaks and refinements  based on ongoing feedback from Action UI users.
  • Greater Administrative Controls – It's now simpler for administrators to monitor and secure Sage Intacct thanks to a function that records any changes to users, user types, or security controls. A new Queue Administrator features also enables tracking of offline jobs.

The features in this release add to an already expansive list of tools, techniques, and integrations. Thanks to their rigorous release schedule, Sage Intacct doesn't just remain relevant. It consistently leads the industry.

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