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White Paper for CFOs: the Best-of-Breed Advantage

When Buying Accounting Software, Bigger isn’t Always Better

White Paper- Financial Software in the Cloud- The Best-of-Breed AdvantageWe wrote a blog post in December about this: when you're looking for accounting or financials software, choosing one of the biggest players around isn't always the best idea. Finance organizations agree: SaaS "cloud" solutions for financial management bring significant advantages to the organization: higher productivity, smarter revenue recognition and greater strategic insight. But what's the right solution—a best-of-breed approach that lets you integrate with your preferred sales force automation and ERP systems—or a monolithic suite of apps? Understanding the tradeoffs has never been more critical.

Get the inside story: See how a best-of-breed approach delivers deeper functionality and faster rollouts—without unnecessary costs and risks. Learn how to connect cloud financial software to your enterprise apps with pre-built integration. Hear how to sidestep getting locked into a "one-size-fits-none" solution.

Fill out the form below to get your complimentary copy of this informative White Paper: The Best-of-Breed Advantage for Financial Management: Get the Full Benefit of the Cloud. Don't make the wrong decision for your organization. Inform yourself.

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