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Mountain Christian Church (MCC), a four-campus church in Maryland, comes from a strong heritage characterized by growth, outreach, and innovation. Founded by pioneering preachers who traveled by horseback from Kentucky, MCC is the legacy of those who were willing to reach and endure in order to see God’s kingdom grow. After a rigorous software evaluation, MCC chose Sage Intacct over other on-premises and cloud solutions as the best fit to meet the needs of the organization for church accounting software and much more. 

Previous Business Challenges

  • The church's existing Chart of Accounts was unwieldy and needed to be restructured to facilitate ease of use and better reporting. 
  • The legacy accounting system lacked key functions and needed to be replaced to provide the church with the necessary metrics and operational information, like a modern online church accounting software offers.
  • Purchasing and budget control needed improved functionality, including automated purchasing approval workflows and better insights into the status of budget vs. actual purchases.
  • MCC was looking for a new system that would seamlessly integrate with other business systems used by the church finance office.

Benefits Realized with AcctTwo

  • The church is empowered with a user-friendly system that allows new and existing personnel to get up to speed quickly and easily, and provides easy access to information without requiring intensive financial, systems, or technical training.
  • The church has greater visibility and access to information, in real time, resulting in the reduced risk of errors from siloed data and from the manual compilation of data. 
  • Sage Intacct also provides the ability to scale the organization - the flexibility to add or change processes as the organization grows and changes.
  • Sage Intacct natively integrates with MartusTools, an AcctTwo partner which the church was already using to manage its budgeting.

Highlighted Comments from MCC's Financial Manager

"The organization of AcctTwo's implementation exceeded our expectations. Having the project documented and being able to read through it was really wonderful. I didn’t have to pull my hair out. I was expecting this to be so much more stressful.

 "I really enjoyed my time with AcctTwo's implementer, Lynda Reich. She’s a really great teacher and even though, for us, it's a very complex system, she was really organized," said MCC's Financial Manager, Andrea Sung.

If you are looking for a faith based financial accounting software that's integrated with your operations, contact us. We look forward to learning how we may assist! 

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"The organization of AcctTwo's implementation exceeded our expectations."

- Andrea Sung, Mountain Christian Church