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Cingo, formerly Allgood Pest Solutions of Dublin, GA, has been protecting families from pests in the southeast since 1974. What began as a one-man operation in Dublin, Georgia has grown to a team of 100 and is still owned by the Allgood family. Cingo operates in markets throughout Georgia and South Carolina and has won numerous awards for its superior service and values. Cingo attributes their success to a simple business plan built on core values that has shaped its culture and guided its actions to ensure a flawless customer experience.

Previous Business Challenges

Cingo was outgrowing its current accounting solution, Sage 100/MAS 90. Not wanting to invest in an on-premise model, going to the cloud was a quintessential requirement.

In addition, Cingo needed a solution that:

  • Had enough horsepower to set them up for future growth
  • Provided for electronic approvals
  • Interfaced with their printers
  • Integrated with Bill.com

Benefits Realized With AcctTwo

Cingo sought the help of the accounting firm Moore Colson to aid in its search. After careful analysis, it chose AcctTwo to implement Sage Intacct. AcctTwo's platform offered everything that Cingo was looking for in a cloud-based accounting solution. In addition, AcctTwo’s team had the expertise in both Sage Intacct and Bill.com and could therefore provide a holistic implementation.

AcctTwo guided Cingo to create a realistic timeline for implementing Sage Intacct and Bill.com. It was important for Cingo to run its business while also being able to make the necessary changes in its accounting systems. The result was a smooth implementation process that hit all the right milestones. Moving to a cloud-based solution was a significant upgrade for Cingo.

Cingo now has anytime anywhere access to its financials, including:

  • Automated creation of its financial statements which meant statements no longer had to be manually sent out to individuals.
  • AcctTwo's Bill.com integration with Sage Intacct allows Cingo to automate the way it pays bills.
  • Better visibility and real-time insight into its bottom-line.

“I thought that after our implementation was complete, we wouldn’t have contact with AcctTwo. That couldn’t be farther from the truth – AcctTwo’s Customer Success Manager, Anthony Della Selva, scheduled quarterly calls with me to see how we are doing with Sage Intacct. These calls have proven to be indispensable. As we grow and expand our use of Sage Intacct, we have had questions that AcctTwo has been able to resolve quickly and efficiently. AcctTwo has exceeded my expectations,” – Travis Craft, CFO, Cingo.

Bill.com Spotlight

When Cingo was looking for a bill payment solution they were referred to Bill.com. Even though they had a good experience with the company and platform, they decided to move to a lower cost solution.

The cost savings didn’t outweigh the constant headache that endured by switching. The time Cingo spent each week to process payments literally quadrupled as soon as the conversion was complete.  The increased time resulted from both workflow inefficiencies, as well as significant limitations in the software’s ability to sync with Sage Intacct.  The enormous increase in time and stress from the change was overwhelming. “The unfortunate decision to change our bill approval and payment platform away from Bill.com became a significant factor in experiencing the first employee turnover for our Finance Team in almost a decade,” - Travis Craft, CFO of Cingo.

The problems with the other platform were so frequent that they were assigned a dedicated customer success manager to assist them. Even with the dedicated support, Cingo knew that they had to switch back to Bill.com.

“In hindsight we should have never left Bill.com. For Cingo, there is no better option in the Marketplace than Bill.com.  Switching back was the best decision that we could have made, – Travis Craft, CFO, Cingo.

Bill.com benefits for your business:

  • Increase efficiency and save time: Bill.com automates busywork so you can focus on business
  • Gain more control: Set up approval workflows and custom roles to suit your team
  • Keep everything in sync: Connect Bill.com with top accounting software and payment tools
  • Simplify international payments: Pay vendors in a variety of countries and currencies
  • Be audit-ready: Payment-related activity is logged for easy reference
  • Get up and running quickly: Start making payments in hours or days, not weeks or months
  • Trust in a secure solution: Data in transit is encrypted using industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Get fast, exceptional support: Assistance from their support team is a click away

About Bill.com

AcctTwo is now partnering with Bill.com, an intelligent payments platform that can help you streamline your accounts payable process from end to end. Bill.com customers report saving, on average, 50% of time on AP. Learn about Bill.com in this short video.

Bill.com was also recently named the 2019 Sage Intacct Marketplace partner of the year. Thousands of Sage Intacct customers today use Bill.com integrated with their Sage Intacct software.

If you have questions, or would like to get a demo and learn more about Bill.com and how it can work for you, reach out to them at partner-info@hq.bill.com 


"I thought that after our implementation was complete we wouldn’t have contact with AcctTwo. That couldn’t be further from the truth – AcctTwo’s Customer Success Manager schedules quarterly calls with me to see how we are doing with Sage Intacct."

- Travis Craft, Cingo