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AcctTwo Period-End Allocations


    Do away with tedious and time-consuming spreadsheets and error-prone manual journal entries. Enjoy enhanced business intelligence and insight through automated period-end allocations by AcctTwo. 

    What do our customers say?

    Hear Chris Hopeck, CFO of Millennium Physicians Association, says, "We're able to get our bonus calculations done within a week when in the past it would take months into the year before our physicians got paid."

    Allocations - Chris Hopeck - Millennium Physicians

    Key Benefits:


    Allocate to multiple dimensions at once with unlimited dimension filters. Automate reversals. Allocate groups of accounts at once in a single allocation. Allocate directly within your GAAP accounting books or to separate management reporting books.

    Ease of Use

    Create your allocations quickly with a simple single page user interface. Run all of your allocations at once, in sequence, so that results can be used by subsequent allocations. 

    Error Reduction

    Speed up period-end processing while increasing accuracy by minimizing manual processes and offline spreadsheets. 

    Seamless Integration

    The AcctTwo Allocations module is built on the Sage lntacct platform and natively integrates with Sage lntacct like any add-on module to automate your allocation accounting.

    Example Business Use-cases:

    • Allocate overhead costs to revenue-generating products or services based on revenue.
    • Allocate professional service labor costs to projects, customers, and departments by hours worked, as a whole department or on an employee-by-employee basis.
    • Allocate the revenues of a bundled package to the individual products in that package.
    • Allocate nonprofit management salaries to the fund-restricted programs the managers are responsible for based on costs incurred by those programs.
    • Allocate building rent, utilities costs, or janitorial services to departments based on floor space occupied.
    • Allocate depreciation to departments or business units on jointly used machinery based on machine-hours.