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Finance and Project Analytics for Services Businesses in 2016

May 26, 2016

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With real-time financial and operational visibility and analytics, services businesses—technology, consulting, business, construction, and other services—can effectively manage revenues, costs, and overall performance. Combining financial, operational, and project information ensures profitability and helps you drive toward financial success.

During this webinar, you'll see a live demonstration of how Intacct helps services organizations like yours:

  • Provide insight into the overall health of the business—total revenue, backlog, cost, and margin—to drive company objectives
  • Gain financial insight—P&L, cash flow, DSO, and AR aging—to improve overall financial performance
  • Monitor operational and project metrics—critical metrics such as revenue by employee, utilization, pipeline, and budgets to actuals—to improve performance
  • Eliminate manual, Excel-based reporting processes—real-time dashboards and flexible reporting—to ensure accuracy and timeliness of actionable information

Thursday, May 26th at 11 AM PT

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