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Your Ministry is Everything

Don't let outdated Church finances stand in your way.

Delivering the future of faith-based church finance and accounting

We are building a community of church leaders across North America to learn what they need to serve their community. As a result, we understand that as your church grows across multiple campuses and programs, managing financial processes, like expense reconciliations, cost allocations, and revenue tracking, puts a strain on many accounting systems and in turn, your staff. This ultimately results in pastors and church leaders not having clear, current financial information. 

That is why AcctTwo has three main solutions for you depending on your needs – Finance-as-a-Service, Cloud Accounting Software, and Software Development, all built around Sage Intacct’s best-in-class financial applications. 

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 Gain the Guidance You Need with Church Finance-as-a-Service

New campus construction budgets. Expense reconciliations. Cost allocations. Multi-campuses. Revenue tracking. Financial statements. Month-end closes. New system implementations. Oversight and control.

With AcctTwo's Finance-as-a-Service solution you get best-in-class technology with a highly skilled staff to deliver the results you need when you need them. Our Finance-as-a-Service provides a full accounting department that handles day-to-day services that would normally be managed in-house; but without the added hassles of hiring and retaining industry experts, keeping up-to-date on the latest accounting standards, and being constantly worried about internal controls.

AcctTwo CFO Coaching

Fractional CFO Services
Management of the finance infrastructure, strategic planning, and succession planning.

AcctTwo Record Financial Transactions

Record Financial Transactions
Reliable and consistent data entry, invoices to customers, bill payments, collection calls 

AcctTwo Manage Contributions

Manage Contributions
Appropriately manage contributions from congregants and donors

AcctTwo month-end

Month-End Close
Repeatable processes help ensure timely closes


AcctTwo Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting
At a glance customized financial reports and dashboards


AcctTwo Manage Budget Process

Manage Budget Process
Accurately plan for the fiscal year


AcctTwo 1099

Form 1099 / Form 1096
Don't miss your filing deadline with accurate 1099 and 1096 report filing to the IRS


AcctTwo Tax Receipting

Year-End Tax Receipting
Send year-end tax receipts to your donors and congregates

Video Testimonial & Case Study: Covenant Church

Covenant Church and MAS



Covenant Church gains unparalleled faith-based accounting experience with AcctTwo's Managed Accounting Services

From a technology standpoint, Covenant Church’s accounting system, Abila, wasn’t cutting it. With a new generation of pastors, Covenant Church also started outsourcing their Information Technology services. In addition to IT advancements, they wanted a modern, cloud-based, best-in-class accounting solution.

"We loved AcctTwo’s experience with large churches. After deciding to go with AcctTwo’s Managed Accounting Services, they paired us with Shelly Einspahr, one of AcctTwo’s Faith-Based Controllers, and we felt immediately comfortable. Shelly is so strategic and knows large churches so well that she’s on the same wavelength as us. In addition, AcctTwo interviewed and hired two of my accounting team members. Having them in the AcctTwo family and on our FaaS team is fantastic." - Pastor Misty deMelo, Covenant Church’s Executive Chief of Staff

Read the Full Case Study >

“There are great teams out there with really great people. Instead of us being worried about having to maintain a team and a staff with all of their ongoing education and training in such a rapidly changing environment, why not link arms and align ourselves with a partner who has demonstrated a real understanding of the faith-based arena and we felt confident would have the same heart for the kingdom of God and the mission of the church.”
– Brian Coleman, Covenant Church

Do you have a succession plan for your back-office?

faith-based succession planning

Imagine being on the leadership team and the Chief Financial Officer of your organization abruptly leaves. There’s no transition time. There’s no transfer of information. You are just left behind to pick up the pieces. How many months does that set you behind? A proper succession plan could not have predicted this situation, but it would have given your organization a roadmap on where to go next.

“Finance and Accounting roles are often overlooked for succession planning. However, they are mission critical to running the organization. At Concord Church, we are working hard to make sure that every role has a backup. I know it isn’t possible for every organization to employ or train a backup for every person, in those cases build a relationship with a third-party organization, such as an accounting resource, legal firm, IT provider, etc. If something happened to me, I know that our accounting partner, AcctTwo, could easily step in and keep the show running,” said Tammy Bunting, CFO at Concord Church. 

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Gain the Confidence You Need with Church Accounting Software

AcctTwo and Sage Intacct have been delivering best-in-class accounting software for nearly 20 years. And since 2010, AcctTwo has helped more than 800 high-growth organizations move to Sage Intacct's software when they outgrew solutions like QuickBooks, Xero, and Shelby or decided to replace legacy solutions like Microsoft Dynamics or even Oracle.

I'm looking for:

Core Financials

Core Financials

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Contract and Subscription Billing

Contract and Subscription Billing

Contract and Revenue Management

Contract and Revenue Management


Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets


Project Accounting-1

Project Accounting


Time and Expense Management

Time and Expense Management


Budgeting and Planning

Budgeting and Planning

Case Study: Preston Trail


Preston Trail Community Church trusts AcctTwo to gain clearer insight into finance and operations

In 2002, Preston Trail Community Church held its first service at the AMC Theater 24 in a mall in Frisco, TX. By 2005, the church moved to a converted manufacturing plant for electronic circuit boards, where it would thrive and grow for eight years. In 2014, Preston Trail relocated to its current building, a modern structure that can handle the church's 3,500 members.

After using both Shelby and QuickBooks for its back-office and accounting software, Preston Trail chose AcctTwo as the best fit for its financial management needs.

Benefits realized with AcctTwo:

  • Information that is important to the organization is now delivered quickly and cohesively
  • The back-office financial team is more efficient and more flexible
  • Church leadership now has access to information that helps them make informed decisions 

Read the Full Case Study >

“Our mission is very simple: Help people find and follow Jesus Christ. For us, and in our environment, we know that AcctTwo helps us to reach that mission. It allows our staff to concentrate on the right things. It keeps them from having to fret over reports and managing budgets, yet still puts valuable tools in their hands so that our ministry leaders effectively lead and lead others in living our mission.”
– Dennis Richards, Executive Pastor, Preston Trail Community Church

When do you know it's time to switch software?

Christian CFO Podcast Image

Are you struggling with your financial software? Are you unsure if it should be changed or uncertain about the path for a successful transition?

AcctTwo’s Head of Nonprofit, Allison Webb, is the latest guest on the Christian Nonprofit CFO’s podcast, hosted by David Beroth. The interview with Allison focused on financial software and if it should be updated, even in the unprecedented times that we are living in today. On the podcast, Allison talks about:

> Identifying the Problem
> Evaluating Options
> Implementing a Solution

Listen to this episode to get the answers to resolve these challenges >

Customization Services for Existing Sage Intacct Customers

AcctTwo has the largest dedicated development team in the Sage Intacct partner channel ready to help you. To date, we have completed more than 300 custom development projects to help our customers realize the future of finance and accounting.

Consider the possibilities of what you could add to Sage Intacct:


Page Scripts

Change the way native Sage Intacct screens look and behave


Workflow Automation

Create and/or update transactions on a schedule or based on specific triggers



Connect Sage Intacct to external applications through standard and custom integrations


Platform Applications

Build custom applications with their own unique objects and workflows, integrated natively

Custom Reports & Visualizations

Produce dashboards with special visualization or reporting options

Learn More About ERP Customization

Case Study: Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCPC)


Park Cities Presbyterian Church mitigates risk with Finance-as-a-Service.

Park Cities Presbyterian Church came to the realization that their legacy systems were too proprietary and wouldn't provide the integration capabilities or the flexibility of modern best-in-class solutions. PCPC wanted AcctTwo to build a total solution for its operational and financial management needs that:

  • Outsourced accounting to AcctTwo
  • Gained a best-in-class accounting solution
  • Integrated giving with Vision2
  • Provided budgeting and planning capabilities with Martus
  • Outsourced payroll through APS
  • Handled credit card and expense management with Nexonia

Read the Full Case Study >

“With AcctTwo's accounting resources, we get access to a whole team of people with specialized skills, rather than trying to hire one or two people internally to do a bunch of different things. I would advise other churches not to look at this as a cost-saving measure, but instead as a means to increased value in services provided, access to more skilled staff, and at its heart, peace of mind.”
– Jeff Barber, Executive Director, Jeff Barber, Executive Director