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What is MAS?

Managed Accounting Services from AcctTwo

MAS is a Finance and Accounting function that is strategic

AcctTwo's specialization and expertise gives companies of all sizes access to best practices, instead of simply your practices.

With AcctTwo's Managed Accounting Services platform, you get the following outcomes:

  • Vendors paid on-time
  • Customers billed on-time and accurately
  • Employee expenses captured and reimbursed
  • Cash transactions reconciled
  • Accounts analyzed & reconciled on an ongoing basis
  • Financial & management reports delivered on-time and accurately
  • Scalability and rapid deployment, when needed
  • A powerful software platform that works...all the time
  • Regulatory compliance delivered
  • A finance & accounting function that is strategic

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With AcctTwo and the Sage Intacct platform, we get the benefits of an enterprise grade cloud accounting solution without having to hire and maintain a finance and accounting staff.

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