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Managed Accounting Services - Accounts Payable

Vendors paid...on-time

Increase the quality of your accounts payable function with AcctTwo’s outsourced accounts payable services. Gain better control over your processes. No longer wrestle with stacks of files and folders full of invoices. Instead, with a click of the mouse, drill down to see the status of an invoice, its approval and review requirements, its history, and approve it for payment.

How it works

  • Vendors send invoices to you at AcctTwo’s Financial Operations Center via email, regular mail, or fax.
  • Mail is opened daily and scanned into electronic queues for processing.
  • All invoices are date and time stamped when received.
  • Invoices are entered into the accounting system and coded by AcctTwo personnel.
  • AcctTwo’s accounting system automatically routes invoices to you for review and approval.
  • Invoiced images can be viewed from anywhere.
  • You decide which invoices get paid and when, using the payment selection feature in our software.
  • AcctTwo handles the vendor payments.