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Managed Accounting Services - Billing and Accounts Receivable

Customers billed on-time and accurately


Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Customer invoices are tangible documents that represent the products and services you provide. It’s vital that the customer has a good experience with your billing department.

The billing process is extremely important to your own business as well. The faster you can get invoices out the door, the more you shorten your cash cycle so you can collect payments from your customers more quickly. Invoices need to be accurate and meet customer requirements in order to be paid.

AcctTwo’s billing processes and technology enable rapid generation of accurate professional invoices. Invoices can be mass emailed or mailed using regular mail by AcctTwo personnel. AcctTwo’s accounting system facilitates real-time capture of billing data, such as time capture for billable time, billable materials and expenses (with or without mark-up), fixed price items, and any other items that need to appear on the invoice.

Accounts Receivable

Customer payments are received at AcctTwo’s Financial Operations Center, or can be received directly in your bank account via lockbox or wire transfer.  Customer payments are deposited immediately upon receipt, and applied to open accounts receivable by AcctTwo personnel.