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Managed Accounting Services - Collections

Remove bottlenecks from the collections process

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where all our customers paid their invoices automatically and on-time? Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.  In our experience, customer payment delays are most often caused by the following situations:

  • The customer’s accounts payable department for reason didn’t receive the invoice. This could be due to the invoice simply having been lost, or the person it was sent to didn’t forward it to the appropriate department.
  • The customer has the invoice, but it’s hung up in their approval process. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder in order to get the process “unstuck”.
  • The customer has the invoice, but they have an issue with your products or services that you’re not yet aware of. Wouldn’t you rather know this sooner than later?

AcctTwo’s collections process uses a combination of automated reminders and dunning technology, as well as soft-touch communication and inquiry directly with the customer. Customers are reminded of upcoming due dates early in the process, so that the aforementioned issues can be resolved quickly, eliminating surprises later on.

AcctTwo is not a collection agency. We are not here to strong-arm your customers or get involved in resolving disputes. We simply help remove bottlenecks from the collections process, and identify issues early so they can be resolved.