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Managed Accounting Services - Employee Expense Reports

Employee expenses captured and reimbursed

The challenge with employee expense reports in most small and medium-sized companies is that they’re filled out on a piece of paper or an Excel spreadsheet that the accounting department then has to process. These reports are also accompanied by stacks of expense receipts, creating a paper nightmare. The task of coding and keying these expenses into the accounting system usually falls on the accounting personnel, creating unnecessary time and effort for your team.

That’s where AcctTwo comes in.

AcctTwo’s expense management software allows employees to enter their expenses online using easy to understand expense categories that are automatically mapped to the general ledger. Expense receipts can be scanned and electronically attached, eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Approval workflows can be defined by you, automatically routing expense reports to the appropriate approver based on dollar amount, department responsibility, employee supervisor, or other role-based approval rules. Both company-paid corporate cards and employee-paid credit cards are supported.

Eliminate the paperwork and unnecessary data entry of expense reports in the accounting department. Make it easy for your employees to submit their expenses online from anywhere, anytime.