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Your Mission is Everything

Don't let outdated financial reports stand in your way.

Our Commitment

We are building a community of church leaders across North America to learn what they need to serve their community. As a result, we understand that as your church grows across multiple campuses and programs, managing financial processes, like expense reconciliations, cost allocations, and revenue tracking, puts a strain on many accounting systems and in turn, your staff. This ultimately results in pastors and church leaders not having clear, current financial information.

 Regain Your Focus

With AcctTwo's Managed Accounting Service solution you get best-in-class technology with a highly skilled staff to deliver the results you need when you need them. Our Managed Accounting Service provides a full accounting department that handles day-to-day services that would normally be managed in-house; but without the added hassles of hiring and retaining industry experts, keeping up-to-date on the latest accounting standards, and being constantly worried about internal controls.

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Serving you with services like:

AcctTwo CFO Coaching

Fractional CFO Services
Management of the finance infrastructure, strategic planning, and cash flow management

AcctTwo Record Financial Transactions

Record Financial Transactions
Reliable and consistent data entry, invoices to customers, bill payments, collection calls, and more

AcctTwo Manage Contributions

Manage Contributions
Appropriately manage contributions from congregants and donors

AcctTwo month-end

Month-End Close
Repeatable processes help ensure timely closes

AcctTwo Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting
At a glance customized financial reports and dashboards

AcctTwo Manage Budget Process

Manage Budget Process
Accurately plan for the fiscal year

AcctTwo 1099

Form 1099 / Form 1096
Don't miss your filing deadline with accurate 1099 and 1096 report filing to the IRS

AcctTwo Tax Receipting

Year-End Tax Receipting
Send year-end tax receipts to your donors and congregates

AcctTwo Manage Audit Process

Manage Audit Process
Be better prepared for auditors with better reporting and financial insights

AcctTwo Client Bank Institutions

Client Bank Integration
Connect Sage Intacct to your banking institution to make banking smoother

AcctTwo 990 Tax Filing

Manage 990 Tax Filing Process
Build a bright future for your nonprofit with 990 tax filing preparation

AcctTwo board reporting

Board Reporting
Impress your board with in-depth financial reports that will help drive your business

AcctTwo Board Meeting Attendance

Board Meeting Attendance
Board meeting communication and attendance

AcctTwo Manage AP-CC

Manage AP/CC
Manage your accounts payable and credit card transactions

AcctTwo Manage Audit Process-1

Manage Worker Comp Audit
Prepare for your worker comp audit

AcctTwo Project Management

Project Management
Improve project management profitability and efficiencies with seasoned professionals and best practices
“The AcctTwo team has a deep faith-based understanding of how churches, of all sizes, work. They really understand from an accounting perspective what’s required.”
– Libni Rodriguez, Director of Project Management, Gateway Church

Do More Good with Real-Time Dashboards

AcctTwo Laptop with NFP DashThe advantages of outsourcing your accounting are limitless. It’s less about the bottom-line and more about saving you time, having quicker access to financials, stability and scalability, and having the right people ask the right questions.

Your congregants, donors, volunteers, employees, and community need to see success to support and sustain the vision and mission of your organization.

We are a community and a team, being so allows us to collaborate to ensure your financial goals are married to your visionary goals. Key benefits are:

  • Superior insights into mission success with real-time dashboards
  • More engaged program leaders
  • Easy access to your budget
  • Minimized distractions of running accounting
  • Spend more time analyzing information
  • Stability, you don’t have to worry about employee turnover

By utilizing the right financial tools, you can present financial data in a way that tells your unique story.