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Managed Accounting Services - General Ledger and Month-End Close

Minimize manual month-end close activities

Twenty-first century integrated accounting systems allow for data capture at the individual transaction level, updating the general ledger on a real-time basis. Gone are the days of batch processing or data entry, where bookkeepers need to come in at the end of the month and update the general ledger for all of the business activity that occurred. Modern accounting systems, processes, and controls are available to businesses of all sizes to ensure the general ledger and financial statements can be produced quickly and automatically, shortening month-end close cycles.

That’s AcctTwo’s philosophy when it comes to closing the books and producing financial statements. Everything we do in our day-to-day transaction processing is designed to minimize manual month-end close activities so that financials can be produced rapidly. AcctTwo’s processes and technology allow our general ledger team to focus on these key month-end activities and controls, helping to maximize the speed and accuracy of your reports.

AcctTwo’s general ledger and month-end close activities include:

  • Reconciliations of all balance sheet accounts
  • Analytical review and fluctuation analysis of revenue expenses
  • Recording of known manual accounting entries such as accruals, prepaid amortization, etc.
  • Discussion of business activities and review of financial statements and reports with client personnel to ensure financial activity is completely and accurately accounted for