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Managed Accounting Services - Payroll

We will work with any payroll provider you choose

AcctTwo is not a payroll processing provider. Those services are best left to the experts at ADP, Paychex, or other payroll providers. They are responsible for staying up to date with all payroll and tax regulations. Even when you outsource your payroll, however, there is still an administrative function that involves keeping the employee and pay data up to date in the payroll provider’s system. In the spirit of helping our customers focus on their core competencies, AcctTwo can take on the responsibility of coordinating the updates with the payroll provider.

In addition to this function, payroll activity must be recorded properly in the general ledger at whatever level of detail is needed to capture labor and benefits costs. AcctTwo performs this service as well, usually through the means of an interface or upload from the payroll system.

AcctTwo is payroll provider agnostic. We will work with any payroll provider you choose. If you need a recommendation, we are happy to provide one to you.