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Managed Accounting Services

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Wouldn’t you like to have the time to focus on more strategic imperatives? You can with Managed Accounting Services.

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MAS for Churches


Your mission is everything - don’t let outdated financial reports stand in your way. Take control with Managed Accounting Services.

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Our Churches


Your mission is everything. AcctTwo delivers the future of finance and accounting. Learn how AcctTwo can help you and what churches we've done work for.

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Unlimited Help


Your success drives everything. When you choose AcctTwo, you join a community - a community of other customers, AcctTwo employees, and partners.

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Sage Intacct + _________

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There’s no limit to what your accounting system can do when you choose Sage Intacct + AcctTwo. AcctTwo has one of the largest dedicated development teams.

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Portfolio of Services 


Partnering to drive efficiency and performance. AcctTwo delivers the future of finance and accounting. Learn about our portfolio of services.

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Churches & Sage Intacct


Tools and technology for better stewardship. Churches can deliver more on their mission with modern financial management software.

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MAS for Biotechs & Pharmas


Most new pharma/biotech companies on the road to commercialization have received funding. Take control with Managed Accounting Services.

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