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AcctTwo Helps Faith-Based Social Services Nonprofit Better Measure Success

Hope Haven partners with AcctTwo to implement Sage IntacctHouston, TX and Rock Valley, IA - February 21, 2018 - AcctTwo, a leading consulting firm and provider of cloud-based financial management solutions and managed accounting services, announced that the firm has implemented Sage Intacct for Hope Haven International. Hope Haven began in 1964 when a small group of community members from northwest Iowa responded to the needs of 11 children with hearing impairments. At that time, no residential, educational, or work service opportunities were available nearby. In 2014, Hope Haven celebrated 50 years of God's faithfulness. Today the organization has programs in over 30 communities around the Midwest. After a rigorous software evaluation, Hope Haven chose Sage Intacct over other on-premises and cloud solutions as the best fit to meet the needs of the organization.

Previous Business Challenges Faced by Hope Haven:

  • Hope Haven was running the organization's financials on a legacy accounting system that had become error-prone and unreliable.
  • Data from that system wasn't available in real-time, giving the organization only a rearward view of their financial information.
  • The organization needed a cloud solution with strong integration capabilities.

Reasons for Selecting Sage Intacct:

  • Sage Intacct provides Hope Have International with the reporting they need, as well as the ability to tag data to different dimensions, providing the organization with a much clearer view of their information.
  • Sage Intacct has the ability to incorporate non-financial and operational data into the accounting system, providing the organization with the ability to gather metrics and outcome measures previously unavailable to them without a tremendous amount of manual work.
  • With Sage Intacct, Hope Haven can more easily integrate and connect their accounting system with other business systems, reducing manual data entry and siloed information.

"The sad part is having to see the AcctTwo team go."

-Terry Meyer, CFO at Hope Haven International

Highlighted Comments from Hope Haven International's CFO, Terry Meyer:

On choosing Sage Intacct:

"When we were given the presentations of Sage Intacct, compared to other programs, it was much easier to grasp and the visual sale was great," says Terry Meyer, CFO at Hope Haven. "Sage Intacct did a great job of listening to what we needed and wanted. The other guys spent the first two meetings talking about who they were and why they were so great, while Sage Intacct got right into how they could help us and what we needed."

On their experience with AcctTwo:

"I think at the beginning, since we are a nonprofit and we are faith-based, all of the companies we talked to thought we’d be more like a church," continues Meyer. "But we’re a servicing organization. AcctTwo caught on to that really fast and listened to us really well. Our main emphasis is servicing activities and AcctTwo understood that quickly and figured out who we are. The sad part is having to see the AcctTwo team go."

About AcctTwo:

AcctTwo is a leading consulting firm and reseller of cloud-based accounting, ERP, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. Our sophisticated systems solve the issues growing middle market companies and nonprofit organizations face today. AcctTwo also provides Managed Accounting Services (MAS), allowing clients to focus on the core competencies of their business. We provide the people, processes, technology, and office facilities to perform these functions, while allowing clients to collaborate interactively through an on-line portal.

AcctTwo is headquartered in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit www.accttwo.com or call 713-744-8400.


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