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New eBook Details the Impact Report Nonprofit Donors Expect to See

Emerging Standard for Nonprofits Requires Reporting Outcomes to Increase Donor Trust and Donations

Houston, TX - AcctTwo announced the availability of a new eBook to help Nonprofit and church leaders understand the rising expectations of today’s donors, the impact report nonprofit donors expect to see, and how to achieve the automated data tracking to achieve this level of transparency and accountability at scale.

The AcctTwo eBook, entitled How Measuring the Right KPIs for Nonprofits Increases Donations,” explores how and why nonprofits are evolving to remain relevant. AcctTwo surfaced an emerging trend among nonprofits where donors, institutional funders, and grant managers were demanding and expecting to see financial data expressed in terms of impact. Achieving this level of data capture and analysis at scale requires planning and preparation, all of which are outlined in the eBook.

Here’s an excerpt from the eBook:

Today’s donors, grant managers, and institutional funders expect each dollar they invest in a nonprofit to go towards a productive purpose – and they want to see proof. Continued support depends on transparency and accountability from the nonprofit. They must highlight when, where, how, and why they’re using funds to further the mission. Hardest and most important of all: They need to show that it’s working.

eBook Cover NFP KPIsThe eBook contains several sections and discusses topics including:

  1. Outputs and Outcomes – The Pulse of Performance

  2. Are you Overlooking Under-Performance?

  3. Success: The Most Elusive Metric of All

  4. Measuring What Matters - How to Quantify Nonprofit Outcomes

  5. Putting Outcome Metrics Into Action With Nonprofit Dashboards

  6. A Universal Strategy to Meet New Nonprofit Standards

“Working with so many nonprofit organizations and churches that rely on donors, we keep seeing this trend of finance teams struggling to collect their finance and operational data in an automated fashion, and then easily express their data in ways that demonstrate that they are having a positive impact and that every dollar is being used for productive purposes,” said AcctTwo Nonprofit and Faith-Based Vertical Leader Allison Webb.

“We understand the importance of solid storytelling in the nonprofit world, so we make sure that our solutions ultimately result in KPIs and dashboards that demonstrate your nonprofit outcomes, not just your effort,” said AcctTwo CEO and Founder Marcus Wagner.

“One of the things that’s also becoming more prevalent is being misguided by the wrong KPIs or over-reacting to anomalies in the data that suddenly emerge. Our eBook helps educate the reader on what to watch out for, the KPIs to use, how to collect the data you need, and how to achieve all this securely in the cloud so your staff can work from anywhere they want or need to be,” added Webb.

The full eBook is available to download here.

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