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AlphaSense Adopts Intacct's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

AcctTwo Helps Bay Area Software Company Implement Multi-Entity Global Operations to the Intacct Platform

alphasense_logo.pngHouston, TX and San Francisco, CA - September 19, 2016 - AcctTwo, a leading consulting firm and provider of cloud-based ERP and Business-Process-as-a-Service solutions, announced that the firm has implemented Intacct for AlphaSense, a financial research tool used by knowledge professionals worldwide. AlphaSense selected Intacct over other cloud and on-premises solutions to meet the needs of their organization.

Previous Business Challenges Faced by AlphaSense:

  • AlphaSense used multiple accounting systems, requiring their finance team to make heavy use of Excel to consolidate the company's financials.
  • Deferred revenue was managed outside the accounting system.
  • The company plans to add more entities, and their former accounting system was unable to adequately manage multiple entities or scale with the company's growth.

Reasons for Selecting Intacct:

  • Intacct is powerful and scalable, allowing AlphaSense to add additional entities with ease.
  • AlphaSense can now integrate Intacct with Salesforce and automate their order to cash process.
  • Intacct allows the company to better manage expense amortization, easily report both for GAAP and IFRS, and removes various manual and possibly error-prone tasks from Excel.

"The time it takes to do everything I need is 1/10th of the time it took previously."

- Gina Clinton, AlphaSense

Highlighted Comments from a Senior Accountant at AlphaSense:

"The time it takes to accomplish everything I need – revenue recognition, billings, royalty and commissions, sales orders to invoices – is 1/10th of the time it took previously," said Gina Clinton, Senior Accountant at AlphaSense. "It’s fantastic. There are so many benefits from having everything in one system – we don’t have to manage multiple Excel spreadsheets to compile our financials."

"Communication from the AcctTwo support team was excellent," Clinton went on to say. "They were always available when we needed them. I would definitely recommend AcctTwo."

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About AcctTwo:

AcctTwo is a leading consulting firm and reseller of cloud-based accounting and ERP software. Our sophisticated systems solve the issues growing middle market companies and nonprofits face today. AcctTwo also provides Business-Process-as-a-Service solutions, allowing clients to focus on the core competencies of their business. We provide the people, processes, technology, and office facilities to perform these functions, while allowing clients to collaborate interactively through an on-line portal.

AcctTwo is headquartered in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit www.accttwo.com or call 713-744-8400.


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