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Preston Trail Community Church Uses Intacct to Gain Clearer Insight into Finance and Operations

AcctTwo Helps Fast-Growing Dallas/Ft. Worth Area Church Implement Cloud Financials

Houston, TX and Frisco, TX - August 25th, 2015 - AcctTwo, a leading consulting firm and provider of cloud-based ERP solutions, announced that the firm's implementation of Intacct's accounting software for Preston Trail Community Church has increased visibility into the church's financial and operational data, as well as improved reporting and dashboards for the church's leadership. In 2002, Preston Trail Community Church held its first service at the AMC Theater 24 in a mall in Frisco, TX. By 2005, the church moved to a converted manufacturing plant for electronic circuit boards, where it would thrive and grow for eight years. In 2014, Preston Trail relocated to its current building, a modern structure that can handle the church's 3,500 members. After using both Shelby and QuickBooks for its back-office and accounting software, Preston Trail chose Intacct as the best fit for its financial management needs.

Previous Business Challenges Faced by Preston Trail:

  • Members of the finance department, as well as church leaders, were buried in Excel spreadsheets.
  • Preston Trail's executive pastor, board members, and ministry leaders were plagued by confusion, delays, and lack of confidence in their reporting.
  • The church accounting department had outgrown its existing system.

Benefits of Intacct for Preston Trail:

  • Information that is important to the organization is now delivered quickly and cohesively.
  • The back-office financial team is more efficient and more flexible.
  • Church leadership has access to information that helps them make informed decisions.

"Intacct has allowed us to bridge the gap between efficiency and being a people-oriented caring ministry.”

- Dennis Richards, Executive Pastor - Preston Trail Community Church

To read the Preston Trail Community Church Solution Brief in its entirety, please follow the link below.

Read the Preston Trail Community Church Solution Brief

Highlighted Comments from Preston Trail's Executive Pastor:

"Prior to using Intacct we were drowning in a sea of Excel spreadsheets," said Dennis Richards, Executive Pastor at Preston Trail Community Church. "My background has been as a non-financial leader. That means that I rely on systems that can put information into my hands in an intuitive way. The use of dashboards and real-time reporting has given me data in a way so that I can understand our financial information and be able to work with our financial team in mapping out our fiscal strategies. 

"Today we enjoy a more accurate and sophisticated system for our financial reporting. We have more confidence in our reporting and our ministry leaders actually look at and understand the financial reports they manage.

"Our mission is very simple: Help people find and follow Jesus Christ. For us, and in our environment, we know that Intacct helps us to reach that mission. It allows our staff to concentrate on the right things. It keeps them from having to fret over reports and managing budgets, yet still puts valuable tools in their hands so that our ministry leaders effectively lead and lead others in living our mission."

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