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AcctTwo News and Awards

AcctTwo, Nexonia's Partner of the Year, Continues to Deliver the Future of Finance and Accounting

Nexonia, a leading provider of employee time and expense management solutions, named AcctTwo as its 2018 Partner of the Year.  Nexonia recognized AcctTwo for its commitment to and its success in helping organizations reimagine finance and accounting by leveraging best-in-class, cloud solutions.   AcctTwo’s partnership with Nexonia began in 2013 when the company selected Nexonia as its employee expense management provider.  Since then, AcctTwo has put Nexonia’s technology to work for AcctTwo’s growing mid-market and non-profit clients, so they can gain better control of their employee time and expense management. After nearly six years together, AcctTwo and Nexonia share more than 70 clients across North America—with new organizations being added every month.

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AcctTwo Achieves Gold Status in Nexonia Partner Program

Houston, TX - February 13, 2018 - AcctTwo, a leading consulting firm and provider of cloud-based financial management solutions and managed accounting services, announced that the firm has recently achieved Gold status in Nexonia's new three-tiered partner program. This program offers top-performing partners an exclusive platform to grow revenue and provide a superior experience to their clients. 

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