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AcctTwo Careers

    Open Position – Marketing Coordinator

    Milford, CT

    The AcctTwo Opportunity

    AcctTwo is positioned to be a dominant player in on-demand accounting and ERP software. The AcctTwo marketing and sales teams generate a significant number of leads and sales opportunities. AcctTwo has developed a world-class marketing and sales methodology that continues to fuel our growth.

    To continue this rapid growth, the Marketing Coordinator will play a key role in supporting marketing operations. This is an exciting opportunity to learn valuable skills related to sales and marketing technology, methodology and processes. The career path includes future opportunities to move into other roles with increasing responsibility in either marketing or sales.

    Job Description:

    The primary responsibility of the Marketing Coordinator is to generate a continuous flow of new contacts for AcctTwo to market to and to maintain the quality of information we have about each contact. In addition, the Marketing Coordinator will play an active role in lead management, research, and content / brand management.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Continually seek and research new sources of prospective customer data, and provide recommendations to sales and marketing leadership.
    • Add new contacts to the marketing database so that AcctTwo can continuously nurture new leads.
    • Build and maintain marketing lists in HubSpot.
    • Ensure that all new leads are registered with Sage Intacct in its instance of Salesforce.
    • Update all expiring leads previously registered with Sage Intacct.
    • Keep track of lead registration and make sure they are properly assigned.
    • Ensure leads are being added to Sales Development call list.
    • Work with Marketing Operations Manager and Venn Technology to determine and maintain standardized picklists with HubSpot to ensure proper tracking of information (e.g. lead source, lead owner, industry, etc.).
    • Manage Dupe Blocker duplicate notifications in Salesforce.
    • Work with marketing team to make sure information is current in HubSpot to support real-time reporting.
    • Prepare marketing, SDR, and BD activity reports and metrics for measuring program success (Marketing Operations Manager to develop dashboard).
    • Provide and catalog market research, industry forecasts, competitive analyses, and consumer trends.
    • Assist in the development and implementation of the company’s brand strategy, design templates, and manages / enforces brand guidelines.
    • Maintain a digital directory of marketing materials, ensure all resources are current and accurate, and coordinate the creation of new materials as needed.
    • Light administrative duties around organizing schedules / meetings and coordinating travel for the marketing department.

    Job Requirements:

    • 3 years' experience
    • Bachelor’s Degree, Marketing Preferred
    • Proven written and oral communication skills
    • The ability to adapt quickly to change with a positive attitude
    • Experience in tools, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and/or similar systems and the ability to pick up quickly in new tools