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The Roots of AcctTwo

AcctTwo was born from the desire to bring enterprise-grade technology and services to midsize companies

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Established in 2010

Marcus Wagner’s background as an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers taught him first-hand the benefits of outsourcing back-office accounting processes for large firms. As a founding member of Calvetti, Ferguson, and Wagner, a Houston-based CPA firm, he then saw how smaller and mid-sized businesses could benefit even more from outsourcing these processes.

In 2010, Marcus founded AcctTwo Shared Services and established the company as a provider of Managed Accounting Services, as well as a leading channel partner for Sage Intacct, the best-in-class cloud-based accounting software provider. Since then, AcctTwo has expanded its technology offerings to include Adaptive Insights' suite of CPM and FP&A software, and built robust Sage Intacct consulting, development, and technical services practices. 

What is AcctTwo?