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SaaS Finances:  The Advanced SaaS KPI Dashboard

See the Metrics That Matter for SaaS and Subscription Businesses.

    The Advanced SaaS KPI Dashboard by AcctTwo is designed to use the native power of Sage Intacct reports and dashboards to provide key business information to subscription-based business leaders. No more Excel spreadsheets and manual processes to get the SaaS metrics your organization needs.

    SaaS Dashboard from AcctTwo

    The AcctTwo SaaS Dashboard is the only SaaS provider for accounting dashboard that tracks metrics such as: Bookings, Billings, Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Churn, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). 

    Who's it for?

    • Software as a Service (SaaS) companies
    • Subscription-based companies

    AcctTwo SaaS Dashboard Screen Capture

    Key Benefits:

    Automated CMRR Posting

    The AcctTwo SaaS Dashboard makes it easy to tracks multiple types of CMRR, including:
    • New, Recovered (customers that have resubscribed), Uplift (price increases), Add-on (quantity increases), Markdown (price decreases), Downgrade (quantity decreases), Churn, Renewal, Foreign Exchange Float (change in CMRR due to foreign exchange), Open (CMRR pending renewal that has no decision made yet by customer)
    • Subscription changes are calculated automatically by the system so you don't have to figure out what is an add-on, downgrade, or uplift.

    Fully Integrated With Sage Intacct

    Adds analytical depth to SaaS metrics using Sage Intacct dimensions, enabling SaaS business leaders to slice and dice metrics by key business dimensions such as product and customer. Postings include key dimensions such as Entity, Customer, and Item for advanced reporting.
    • Automatically links SaaS entries to the order that created them for easy auditability of the results.
    • Instantly update all journal entries with a hyperlink back to the original order when the customization creates journal entries for Sales Orders that post.

    Instant Visibility Into Pending Renewal / Open CMRR

    Get instant visibility into orders that were expected to renew, but haven’t been processed. See which customers haven’t renewed without reducing your total CMRR until a renewal or churn decision is made.
    • The AcctTwo SaaS Dashboard customization allows for posting contract end transactions to an Open CMRR bucket which is not displayed in the total CMRR or contraction CMRR calculations. This pending Open CMRR account will not impact CMRR until either a Renewal order or a Churn is processed. If a Renewal is processed, any remaining value in the Open CMRR account will be moved to the Downgrade CMRR account. This feature allows for late renewals to not impact contraction CMRR until the customer affirmatively renews or churns.

    Active Churn and Unchurn

    AcctTwo SaaS Dashboard users have the option of churning the customer after the normal contract end date, or churning the customer early, if appropriate.  A customer is never churned unless the end user clicks a custom button on the customer record screen. Once churned, the system automatically detects that the customer is churned and changes the Churn button to an Unchurn button. If a customer was mistakenly churned, clicking the Unchurn button will reverse the impact of the churn.

    Getting Started Is Easy

    If you're ready to get advanced insights into your SaaS metrics, simply fill out the form on this page and one of our SaaS industry experts will guide you on the journey through implementation and adoption.