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Some highlights of the latest release:

Contracts Committed Usage Billing:

New functionality around billing in Contracts based on quantity

Contracts Invoices:

New capabilities around combining multiple invoices into one

Free, ready-to-use Contracts reports in ICRW:

These include a Deferred Revenue burn down report to see how your deferred revenue is being consumed over time by period.

New Dashboard types, including:
  • Billboards for important reminders
  • Lists of attachment links
  • Custom navigation dashboards that include links to "Reconcile Bank accounts" for users who quickly and easily need to navigate to that screen
Normalized variances:

New "Normalized" variance columns in financial reports now represent "favorable" variances as a positive number, and "unfavorable" variances as a negative number.

CRM integration:

Various field-level and dimension mapping enhancements

Accounts Receivable:

A streamlined credit reversal process

Bank Reconciliations:

Additional "many-to-one" transaction matching capabilities

Accounts Payable:

New capabilities around what can be included or excluded from vendor emails

AdellaAbout the Presenter

Anthony Della Selva, Sr. Customer Success Manager at AcctTwo

Anthony has worked in a variety of industries ranging from hedge funds, telecommunications, and higher education, with specializations in financial modeling, financial reporting, budgeting, and cost optimization.

Anthony received an M.B.A and B.S. in Finance from Quinnipiac University, where he assisted Athletics head coaches in managing their annual operating expenditures against budget.

Anthony loves sports and lives in Shelton, Connecticut with wife Katie and sons Jack and Eli.

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